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48 hours mystery betting her life episode one

48 hours mystery betting her life episode one

Start your free trial to watch The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta and other popular TV shows and movies 1 season available (6 episodes). The show will air on CBS Saturday night at 10 p.m ET. You can access the new episode on CBS by logging in with your cable provider. Channel. Betting Her Life: Susan Wright. Episode aired May 15, ; TVTV YOUR RATING. Rate. Erin Moriarty, Dan Rather, and Maureen Maher in 48 Hours (). NON INVESTING AMPLIFIER EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT OF 741

CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at several of these programs. This crime and similar acts have increased awareness of a growing trend: The number of hate groups is increasing, according to experts. Survivors' Stories: Victims and their parents speak out for the first time in the aftermath of the shootings at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles.

This campaign of intimidation forces Jouhari and her daughter Dani to relocate. Jouhari's enemies find out where she moved and continue their campaign. Find out Jouhari's response to these threats in an exclusive CBS. October 29, CBS It was Ohioans Elizabeth and Patrick Welsh seemed to have it all. They were happily married, with two wonderful sons, Chris and Ted. Then Patrick disappeared, leaving behind a suicide note saying that his wife and sons would be better off without him.

Chris, Ted and their mother were crushed, but soldiered on, slowly building a new life. Patrick Welsh was not dead, the letter said: someone was using his social security card. Assuming that someone besides Patrick had been using his social security number, perhaps inadvertently, Elizabeth began investigating.

With the help of the Internet, good sleuthing, and some luck, Elizabeth discovered that her dead husband was not dead. He was living in Galveston, Texas under the name Tim Kingsbury. CBS News 48 Hours explores the devastating impact of this "Kingsbury's" betrayal and the ripples it sent through the community of Galveston. November 3, CBS There is no doubt that sexually abusing children is a terrible crime. But what about the damage to those who are falsely accused of such crimes?

In the s, in an effort to protect children, investigators used methods that are now controversial, leading to some convictions that are now being questioned. CBS News 48 Hours reports on the Amiraults, a family accused of sexually abusing numerous children while running a daycare center in Massachusetts. But did they actually do any of the things they are accused of?

Should she live with the woman who is fighting to adopt her and whom she's grown to love, or her birth mother, who abandoned her years ago and ran off across the country? The choice is hers. CBS News 48 Hours examines what happens when parental rights clash with a child's desire for a happy home. November 12, CBS For thousands of years, humans have dreamed of finding the secrets to long life, even immortality.

Until now, the dream has been elusive. But scientists and doctors are beginning to understand the fundamental mechanisms that cause the human body to grow, and to deteriorate. Will we one day clone ourselves? Or will we simply inject ourselves with hormones that keep us permanently spry? CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at some modern attempts to sidestep death.

Some will amaze you, others may cause you to scratch your head in wonder. November 18, CBS How would you react if you were given the power of life and death over the man who brutally killed your father in cold blood, and then tried to kill you? Eleven years ago, Suezann Bosler watched a stranger stab her father to death, and then try to kill her. After the murderer was caught and convicted, Suezann went on a remarkable crusade to save him from the death penalty. CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at this incredible case of forgiveness triumphing over hate.

Sexuality and social pressure can make for a volatile combination. Sometimes that combination leads older guys to take advantage of younger girls eager for acceptance. But is there a difference between mistreating vulnerable young girls. CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at this question, taking viewer to Grosse Pointe, a small, well-to-do suburb near Detroit, where four high school seniors are accused of rape by a group of freshman girls.

December 3, CBS It's mind-boggling: About half the couples who get married in this country will also split up. Divorce is an enormous problem in America, for the people getting divorced, for their friends and families, and especially for their children. You'll meet divorced couples who are trying to stay close for the sake of their children; couples who can hardly stand to be in the same room with each other; mediators who try to keep a painful separation from costing more than it should, both emotionally and legally; divorce experts who tell you how to deal with an angry or annoying ex-spouse; and, most heartbreaking of all, the children of divorced couples, who through no fault of their own, must find a way to grow up in a ruptured family.

You'll meet a variety of people, all of them struggling with divorce in one way or another. But royals are everywhere: in the industrial slums of England, in Brooklyn, even selling perfume on QVC. There are even a few royals who still live in palaces, surrounded by servants and opulence. CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at this wide world of royalty, which can be very strange indeed. A year-old who may be a female Tiger Woods.

A year-old who already has a Number 1 country song. They're all prodigies, and you'll meet them this Thursday, when CBS News 48 Hours shows you what it's like to be a young genius. Life can sometimes be very difficult for these child prodigies. Their unique talents can put enormous pressure on them.

Other children taunt them as freaks, adults sometimes see them as threats, or as curiosities. Sometimes being normal is an elusive dream. December 17, CBS Four years ago, in cities and towns across America, millions of teen-agers entered the ninth grade. The goal: To present a portrait of our country's problems and promise as seen through the eyes of these students. CBS News' 48 Hours completes this four-year project with a look at several remarkable young men and women. January 7, CBS What causes someone to become a serial killer?

And can such a person be rehabilitated? This week, CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at the gripping story of a cold-blooded serial killer about to go free after only 20 years in prison - and the victims who want desperately to keep him in jail. Donald Miller was the quintessential boy-next-door. Growing up in a quiet middle class neighborhood in East Lansing, Michigan, Don seemed completely normal.

Although he grew up in the mids, when many of his classmates were growing their hair long and dabbling in drugs, Don was a clean-cut straight arrow. He served as a youth minister at his church. He went to the local college, Michigan State University, where he played trombone in the school marching band. He dated a girl who went to his church, Martha Sue Young.

But Don Miller wasn't the normal boy-next-door. He became a serial killer. January 14, CBS Find out about a year-old recovering alcoholic; a mother who fights to stop the crowds of underage American drinkers who converge on Tijuana, Mexico; an undergrad who celebrated his 21st birthday with 24 shots of hard liquor and ended up dead; and a man who's made it his mission to educate teens about alcohol advertising.

Their stories bring an up-close view of how alcohol bears a destructive influence on young lives. January 21, CBS For almost every patient, a cancer diagnosis used to be a death sentence. But with advances in modern medicine, many of these patients now have a good chance to survive.

CBS News 48 Hours follows the fortunes of several cancer sufferers, introduces viewers to a few of the cutting edge researchers as they race to find a cure, reports on the latest treatments, and talks to the experts about what you can do to avoid this terrifying disease.

January 28, CBS Study after study shows that juries put a great deal of faith in the testimony of expert witnesses. A good expert witness can swing a verdict one way or another. But how reliable are they? CBS News 48 Hours' "Expert Witness" takes a look at several incredible cases in which experts made the difference - sometimes helping the innocent prove their innocence, other times helping send the innocent to jail.

February 4, CBS CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at the incredible story of a mother who is determined to confront, face to face, the condemned murderer who brutally killed her daughter 12 years earlier. Will he agree to meet her? If the meeting happens, will she be able to forgive him? Among the memorable people you'll meet on this Thursday's show: For more about programs devoted to reconciliation between victims and offenders, see our catalog of web sites.

Jonathan Wayne Nobles: a year-old convict who is on Texas' death row for two murders he committed 13 years ago. In , Nobles, an ex-con with a history of drug abuse and mental illness, broke into a house in Austin, Texas, and stabbed to death two young women, Kelly Farquhar and Mitzi Kurland.

Caught soon after, Nobles was convicted and sentenced to death. Paula Kurland, Mitzi's mother, who is still grieving over her daughter's untimely death. Paula believes that a face-to-face meeting with her daughter's killer might help her put the past behind her. She wants to go to death row and have a conversation with Nobles, telling him exactly how he's ruined her life.

Says Kurland: "We've been sentenced to prison for 12 years and it's time for us to be free. It's going to help me close a chapter and hopefully get on with my life. Barber, who was 17 when the incident occurred, admits that he killed the man, Douglas Wyatt, but claims he stabbed him in self-defense after Wyatt tried to rape him. Unconvinced, a jury convicted him of murder and the judge sentenced him to life in jail, plus 40 years.

Barber appealed his case. What will happen? And who is in the right? Now a combination of hard work by investigators and amazing new technology is helping solve these cases. Will justice triumph, years after the original crimes? Nagle's job is to solve crimes that other cops have been unable to crack. The son of a police chief, Nagle is tenacious, some might even say obsessed.

He spends hours going over every aspect of the crime, even visiting crime scenes that are decades old to get a sense of how the murderer was thinking. Talking about the victims whose cases he tries to close after so many years, Nagle says: "I look at those pictures [of the victims] a lot and I reflect on them. It reminds me that they're gone and there's no one to speak for them, and that's why I get emotional. Jennifer's killer was never found. David Swain speaks for the first time since he was charged with murder.

It's hard to say what's most horrifying about Jeff Wright's death - the fact that his wife Susan did it, that she stabbed him times, or her claim that it was self-defense. During the sometimes theatrical trial, prosecutors went so far as to bring the couple's bed into court in order to paint Susan Wright, a former exotic dancer, as a cold-blooded killer who lured her husband to bed, tied him up, then brutally murdered him and dumped the body in a hole that he himself had dug for a home improvement project.

Richard Schlesinger reports. Th Next Episode of 48 Hours is unknown. Synchronize EpisoDate with your calendar and enjoy new level of comfort.

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Susan Wright has spent the last six years in a Texas penitentiary reflecting on the bloody end to her marriage and longing to see her children.

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Blockchain crypto summit san jose CBS News 48 Hours explores the devastating impact of this "Kingsbury's" betrayal and the ripples it sent through the community of Galveston. He was living in Galveston, Texas under the name Tim Kingsbury. But what about the damage to those who are falsely accused of such crimes? She's been trying to get her daughter Jamie back any way she can. But a jury did not buy it. October 29, CBS It was
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All-powerful index transforms investing in bonds CBS News 48 Hours explores the devastating impact of this "Kingsbury's" betrayal and the ripples it sent through the community of Galveston. But did they actually do any of the things they are accused of? Some parents are responding by taking drastic action, and sending their teen-agers away for months, sometimes years, to special rehabilitation schools. There are even a few royals who still live in palaces, surrounded by servants and opulence. Before she'd come down with RSD, she'd been an avid rock climber, and she wants to conquer this obstacle.
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Dateline 48 Hours Mystery The One Who Got Away 48 hours mystery betting her life episode one

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