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Dividend investing bogleheads

dividend investing bogleheads

Do you need the money after 5 years? Stock dividends are not guaranteed. They can stop paying at any time if they run into financial. Will you take an active interest in the underlying well being of your investment and sell/buy when the time is right? A dividend is not going to. This is the wrong way to look at it. Dividends are a withdrawal strategy, not an investing strategy. You can invest in the exact same total. NORTHERN IRELAND IRISH CUP BETTING SITES

Diversifiable, non-systematic risk. For which the market does not reward you. Trying to pick "safe" dividend stocks is a mug's game. The big payers tend to be so either because of low growth prospects utilities or because the market expects dividend cuts. As long as you are within FDIC limits, you are good to go. You will secure your principal in nominal terms, although possibly not in real terms. You still bear interest rate risk arising from fluctuations in interest rates up, in this case but that's an opportunity cost lost opportunity not a threat to principal.

The real value of the company, its ability to make money, has crashed, and on top of that they also dipping into capital in order to hold up the dividends. The proof of this is in the growth charts, which show total return, dividends plus capital appreciation, and the differences in crashes are small.

Total return is total return. You can get money out of a fund by simply letting it pay dividends, or you can get money out of it by selling some of it, or any combination. These two funds made the same amount of money, it's just that they did it in different ways. The dividend-oriented fund made more of it in dividends, and therefore less in price-per-share growth.

This is simply math and it can't be evaded. If two funds make the same amount of money, then if you take the same amount of money out of them, you will end up with the same amount of money afterwards. So what we're left is decisions on what withdrawal system to follow. One automated withdrawal system is "spend the dividends and never sell shares. Dividends aren't magic.

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John Bogle's 10 Rules of Investing (Founder of Vanguard) [Bogleheads Guide to Investing]


Pay off debt. This is a good use of earnings and even equity raised if the company is paying off high interest debt. The business does not expand in terms of assets, but the earnings go up because there are less liabilities. Invest in investments like the stock market. This is a form of investment that can be a high risk-return, but less so if the general holding are diverse.

Earning could go up, and the business can expand albeit not in the ways that make the company more like itself. Buy out businesses. This is a form of investment that can be a high risk-return. Earning could go up, and the business can expand. Reinvest in itself. In short, dividend paying stocks are conducting a conservative maneuver with earnings while allowing for new ownership to take place by reducing share price, diluting of the stock, or both; the exact target of investors is based on the concurrent actions along with it.

It is not as simple when you consider ownership transfer into it. Last edited by secondopinion on Sun Sep 19, pm, edited 3 times in total. Passive investing: not about making big bucks but making profits. Active investing: not about beating the market but meeting goals.

Speculation: not about timing the market but taking profitable risks. They don't actually understand how dividends work. They're misguided souls. The lure of dividend investing to me is that I can create a sustainable pot of wealth and can live off the dividends and interest income without ever having to sell a share.

In this way I am somewhat immune to the ebbs and flows of the market. While there are countless threads that show that this strategy is not the best for maximizing tax efficiency or overall performance, none the less it is what motivates me. I've owned this stock since Up Down Up Down That said, every year my per share dividend payment has grown and I didn't sell one share.

While this is not guaranteed, it has been sustained for a long time. There are mutual funds and ETFs that focus on stocks that have historically raised their dividends over decades. They focus on the quarterly dividends and if they are growing.

The share price is secondary. I chose this strategy because I plan on never selling a share, ever.

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Bogleheads® on Investing Podcast 049: Antti Ilmanen on investing amid low expected returns

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