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Crypto lobbyist

crypto lobbyist

Since , spending on crypto lobbying has quadrupled, according to a Public Citizen analysis of federal disclosures. The number of lobbyists. HOW A LOBBYING CAMPAIGN CAN BACKFIRE: Brussels is still somewhat virgin territory for crypto lobbying. Most lobbyists working for the nascent. Sternhell Group is maybe the earliest lobbying firm to work on crypto policy. Founder Alex Sternhell was a leading staffer on the Senate Banking. PIZZA BETALEN MET BITCOINS BUY

Of the 75 second-quarter disclosures reviewed by CQ Roll Call, 42 cited specific issues or legislation pursued. Companies lobbying on the bill included cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase, Crypto. The Lummis-Gillibrand bill hits the sweet spot on three industry priorities, most opposed by consumer advocates.

Of the 42 detailed second-quarter filings, 17, or about 40 percent, referenced the classification of digital assets as securities or commodities as an area of interest. Still, tax issues often cropped up in lobbying disclosures. The Revolving Door Project scrutinizes executive branch appointments.

Placing digital assets under CFTC oversight would leave investors vulnerable to scams, wash trades and pump-and-dump schemes, he said, adding that allowing stablecoins to replicate services provided by banks without appropriate safeguards, such as deposit insurance, could threaten financial stability as a whole. The industry has cultivated lawmakers, particularly Democrats, through a combination of lobbying and campaign expenditures, meetings with industry executives and revolving door hires, Iwayemi said in an interview.

It has sent letters to federal agencies, organized fundraisers for lawmakers, and hired former SEC officials to further its concerns. The firm told the New York Times last October that its team does not register as lobbyists, and disclosures show it has not reported any lobbying activity this year. Lummis introduces or cosponsors. The firm has seemingly gained allies in the House and Senate, where a roster of friendly lawmakers have introduced pro-crypto bills and advocated on behalf of the industry.

As a result, the bill would also delegate its regulation to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission instead of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which has helmed the crypto enforcement push. Gillibrand did not respond to a request for comment. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand D-NY , pictured, emerged as an ally of the crypto industry after introducing a bill that would move regulation of digital assets away from the SEC.

Crypto Innovation, meanwhile, has overwhelmingly backed Republicans, including North Carolina crypto allies Rep. Ted Budd , who voted against certifying the election, and Rep. Patrick McHenry, who told crypto conference guests last month that he would prioritize their needs if elected.

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Are Crypto Lobbyists a Problem? crypto lobbyist

The crypto industry has been ramping up its engagement with government officials around the world.

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Difference between granite and quartz tiles for fireplace And companies have figured crypto lobbyist that I can create pretty significant loyalty by creating a very well-designed experience for crypto lobbyist customers. The Mortgage Bankers Association, an advocacy group for the real estate finance industry, listed on their first quarter lobbying disclosure a focus on a bill intended to "expose the assets of oligarchs. Once the deal went public on Monday, Ye spoke to former President Donald Trump over the phone — they reportedly made dinner plans, and Ye said he invited Trump to join Parler, a move that Ye would reciprocate by joining Truth Social. The SEC and Ripple have been in a legal battle sincewhen the agency sued the crypto company for alleged securities laws violations. The firm told the New York Continue reading last October that its team does not register as lobbyists, and disclosures show it has not reported any lobbying activity this year. He noted that Messina is not a registered lobbyist, yet often advises their team on lobbying strategy. The legislation poses a grave threat to the industry, which critics say has become popular for clandestine transactions because they cannot be traced.


With this in mind, we wanted to find out which crypto companies have engaged in lobbying the US government, revealing just how much each organisation has spent on lobbying in Crypto Lobbying in Here we can see the breakdown of crypto lobbying in Expenditure Below you can see the total lobbying expenditure of crypto companies in , ranked from highest to lowest.

As a very general rule of thumb, the more money a company or organisation can spend on lobbying, the greater effect it can have on public policy and decision making. An Important Note: These are the total lobbying expenditures for companies that are involved with crypto, not the lobbying spend on crypto or about crypto specifically.

Ripple Labs is responsible for creating the real-time currency exchange platform Ripple, the token for which is XRP. While based on blockchain technology, Ripple uses a distinct distributed consensus ledger to process transactions. Coinbase Number of Lobbyists in 23 The crypto company with the largest number of lobbyists employed in was Coinbase, which had 23 separate lobbyists acting on their behalf.

Robinhood Number of Lobbyists in 3 Robinhood is the crypto company with the third-highest number of lobbyists in , with a total of 3 employed by the company. Crypto lobbying expenditure since Having looked at the figures for , we also wanted to get a better idea of the longer-term picture of lobbying in the crypto industry. By looking at data for the past five years we can see which companies have spent the most on lobbying over a longer time period, as well as just how much the industry has spent on lobbying as a whole.

Crypto lobbying expenditure by year Here we can see the yearly total lobbying expenditure by companies and organisations in the crypto sector since , as well as the yearly increase and five year total. The biggest-spending crypto companies Here we can see the lobbying expenditure of crypto companies for the past five years, ranked according to their five year total. This makes Ripple Labs possibly the most influential crypto company in the USA when it comes to affecting government policy and regulation.

Despite having only offered cryptocurrency trading options on its platform since January , Robinhood has without doubt become a major player and influential organisation in the crypto sector. This association of industry leaders represents a unified push from the blockchain and cryptocurrency world for greater innovation and collaboration in using this new technology to transform digital and financial services, placing the USA at the forefront of this movement.

Pretty normal fare for a criminal code overhaul. But I noticed something strange last week in House Bill It seemed to ban people from issuing or transacting in cryptocurrencies not sanctioned by the 38th most populous state in the U. Was this a crypto ban? Sorry, Mom! So I emailed a few real attorneys to hear their take. Not a very promising start. My favorite example of an asset-backed, redeemable crypto is sardine coin. Holders can exchange their tokens for a vintage tin of salty fish.

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Crypto Lobbyists Are Writing Their Own Industry’s Laws

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