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Forex factory thv system final edition

forex factory thv system final edition

THV system, final edition I wanted to test V4 and the exe in the archive from post one does not install any on multiple MT4. To be able to identify the general trading without opening a trade you will wait to see the fast Trix line crossing the level of zero, and if you need to open. THV V4 is a forex trading system based on trix indicator. SUPER TIPS BETTING DOGS

This may require you to carry out further checks to assess the level of risk to the member. You may be satisfied from previous checks on the receiving scheme that the transfer is low risk and therefore the second condition is met. If the transfer is to an occupational pension scheme you must also request evidence from the member to demonstrate that there is an employment link.

If you believe that the member has failed to provide a substantive response to a request for evidence, you should send a reminder at least one month after the initial request. If there is still insufficient evidence after one month from the reminder being sent, this may be treated as a red flag.

You should take a risk-based approach to your decision making. Where the receiving scheme is not occupational or a QROPS, consider whether you have enough information to determine if the transfer can proceed or whether you require further information to inform your decision. These records may allow you to maintain a smooth transfer process where due diligence analysis shows no risk.

You should review this list regularly to make sure that schemes continue to present low risk. You may determine that the transfer can proceed without the need for additional checks, where the receiving scheme is on your clean list. There are certain circumstances red flags that you must decide are not present for you to proceed with a request to make a statutory transfer.

There are other circumstances amber flags where there is enough risk to member outcomes to mean the member must prove to you they have obtained guidance from MoneyHelper before the transfer can proceed. You may need to contact the member to obtain further information to assess if there are any red or amber flags. The information you request should be reasonable and proportionate to the level of risk you believe may be present. Any information requested should be for the sole purpose of helping you to decide whether the transfer can proceed.

If you are requesting additional information you should ensure that you explain why you need it. You should decide how to collect this information based on your understanding of your members and how it fits with your current processes. See our example questions to ask members DOC, 38kb, 5 pages which may assist you in your assessment of the presence of flags. It is good practice to call the member but if these questions are sent to the member to fill in you should check that they have completed it themselves.

If you decide that the second condition has been met, you must notify the member of your decision no later than the date you confirm that the transfer has been made. You should record all information you have requested and received, and the basis on which you make any decision. A schedule of contributions or payment schedule showing the contributions due to be paid by the employer and by or on behalf of the member in the last three months and the due dates. Copies of bank or building society statements or passbook showing the deposit of salary from the employer for the last three months.

When considering whether to request original or certified copies of documents, you should consider whether this is appropriate to the level of risk indicated by your existing due diligence, and whether you need certified copies of documents to reach a decision.

You should also consider issues such as safe postage and return of documents and whether any of the documents requested may be needed by the transferring member. You can find the exchange rate for major currencies on the Bank of England website. If the required currency is not shown, you could try online search engines or financial publications. If, based on copies of the documents referred to above, you have reason to believe that there is no employment link, this is an amber flag. If you decide there is an employment link and no other red flags or amber flags are present, you may proceed with the transfer.

Check residency for overseas transfers This only applies where the transfer is being made to a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme and where the member has not provided evidence that satisfies you that an employment link exists. You may request a certified copy of the formal residency document and, where the documentation is not in English, a certified translation by a professional translator of the other two items of written evidence.

This should be paid for by the member. However, you should consider whether this is proportionate to the level of risk you have identified and whether you need it to reach a decision. If you have reason to believe that overseas residency is not demonstrated, this is an amber flag.

If you decide that overseas residency is demonstrated, and no other red or amber flags are present, the transfer can proceed without any further checks. Red flags You may take a risk-based decision, on the balance of probabilities, that red flags 3 to 6 are not likely to be present where you consider you already have enough information to make that decision.

If you are not able to reach such a decision, you can make a formal request for further information from the member. After making this formal request, you must decide if any of the red flags are present. If you decide they are, you must refuse the transfer.

The examples below are not exhaustive but show some of the things you should consider when assessing the presence of flags. Red flag 1: The member has failed to provide the required information This is where the member refuses or fails to respond or provides only partial information which is insufficient to decide if the employment link or overseas residency can be demonstrated or if any red or amber flags are present.

You may decide that this red flag is present if the member does not respond after one month of the second request for information. You should inform the member of the last date that you will accept information and how they can ask for extra time.

Red flag 2: The member has not provided evidence of receiving MoneyHelper guidance When providing information about the need to obtain MoneyHelper guidance you should allow a reasonable period for the appointment to take place and to receive the specified confirmation details. If the reasonable time elapses without contact from the member you can proceed to refuse the transfer.

In some circumstances, a member has been in contact with an unregulated introducer. If the member lives abroad and wants to transfer their benefits overseas, a regulated adviser in the UK who is advising on a pension transfer may work with an overseas adviser who is advising on investing the transferred benefits in overseas investments.

Depending on the particular circumstances, this may not in itself be a cause for concern. If there is not a regulated adviser in the UK giving advice to a UK based member about leaving the UK scheme, and an overseas adviser has advised on overseas investments that would only be possible for the member to buy if they transfer out of the UK scheme, there may be cause for concern. In such circumstances there may be scope for you to have reason to believe that the overseas advisor has implicitly advised on the transfer without the appropriate regulatory permissions.

Red flag 4: The member requested a transfer after unsolicited contact You may decide this red flag is present if the member has received unsolicited contact such as cold calling, texts and emails about pensions. This unsolicited contact is against the law, but it may still originate from inside or outside the UK.

This flag should not capture contact from those previously unknown to the member where they have agreed to a trustee or employer passing on their details to an adviser to support the member in making financial decisions. It also should not capture calls from authorised firms and advisers where the member has an existing relationship and might reasonably receive unsolicited calls from them in connection with their pension.

Red flag 5: The member has been offered an incentive to make the transfer You may decide that this flag is present if the member was incentivised to make the transfer. These examples are non-exhaustive lists, and where a particular incentive is not included in either of these lists, we expect trustees to assess whether the type of incentive offered is one which indicates there is a heightened risk that the transfer might lead to a member being scammed.

As the examples are not exhaustive, it is important that you keep up to date with current and evolving scam tactics and consider industry good practice. You may be faced with other examples of incentives being offered. Some could be considered normal industry practices.

After carrying out due diligence you may consider the transfer is at a low risk of a scam and, where your scheme rules allow, you may consider granting a discretionary transfer. The regulations specifically exclude situations where the member is being incentivised to transfer as part of an employer-sponsored transfer exercise.

See our guidance on employer-sponsored transfer incentive exercises. Red flag 6: The member has been pressured to make the transfer You may decide this flag is present if the member was under pressure, or indicated to you that they felt under pressure, to transfer. Pressure may be direct coercion or passive such as having a courier wait for forms to be completed.

A member may not be aware that they had been pressured. It is the behaviour of the individuals involved in the transfer that is being assessed as well as any indication by the member that they felt pressured. Amber flags You may take a risk-based decision, on the balance of probabilities, that amber flags 3 to 7 are not likely to be present where you consider you already have enough information to make that decision.

After making this formal request, you must decide if you have reason to believe that any of the amber flags are present. If you decide they are, the member will be required to attend a guidance session with MoneyHelper before the transfer can proceed. See direct members to mandatory guidance from MoneyHelper.

It is important that you keep up to date with current and evolving scam tactics and consider industry good practice. Further examples can be found in the PSIG code. This may also apply if you have concerns that the evidence provided may not be genuine or that it has been provided by someone other than the member except in cases where the member is being represented by someone with the power to make a request for a transfer.

You may find high-risk investment information from the FCA useful when carrying out your due diligence. The FCA has told us that these general examples may help you to identify a high-risk investment: investments that promise significant returns at a point in the future investments that would only normally be offered to high-net worth, sophisticated or professional investors investments that are unorthodox, speculative or would not feature in an investment portfolio appropriate for an average member This flag also captures situations where the receiving scheme allows investments that are not regulated by the FCA and therefore will not provide access to services from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme FSCS or the Financial Ombudsman Service FOS.

Like any other system, it requires good Forex skills and basic knowledge of FX techniques together with a good MM. For newbies we recommend to visit www. I claim the copyrights of the modification of the indicators and the system in its totality. Dont copy this system without my written permission. This is freeware and I will make use of international laws if I see this system selling in Ebay or elsewhere.

We spent endless hours, days and weeks on fining this system and give it away for free personal use, it is dirty to copy and sell the idea and work from someone else. This is the only reason why I dont post the V3 MQ4 files, too many people copy. Copy and paste the template file. Close your MetaTrader application assuming its currently open Ignore this if the application hasnt been launched 5.

Launch your MetaTrader application 6. Open a new chart and right click on it, select the THV template, ready The V3 template: The template and his functions The Trix is the heart of the system and show us early possible trend changes on cross of faster to slower Trix line. This indicator gives warning labels: The Bear or Bull Cross on cross of the faster Trix line to the zero level. The Analyze Exit not shown here but direct above the Analyze Sell label in yellow on color change of the faster Trix line.

Those signals have also voice support but it is disabled by default and you should enable it only to your favorite chart TF. These are not buy, sell or exit signals, they ask for attention to analyze!!! The Trix shows, like in the above example, divergence, watch that out always, its a money maker.

Here the settings for your main chart, on the other ones disable SoundAlerts type false. About divergence detection in Trix code modified by Peterd : This indicator will plot divergence lines on the Fast Trix indicator and will give buy and sell signal by displaying green and red arrows. It also has a built-in alert function. As the original indicator, bullish divergence is plotted in blue lines while bearish divergence is plotted in red.

If the divergence is classic the line will be solid and if the type is reversed the line will be drawn in dots. The Ichimoku cloud gives us the decision on which direction to trade, above only long, below only short. The THV Trend is in the lowest part of the workspace and indicates with colored bars the condition of the trend, be alerted when it changes to yellow flat because a trend pause or change can be on the plan.

The Stop loss indicator is located on the very top left side of your main chart. SL on the actual TF you are looking at. You can use it as well as a TP indicator while scalping, if the SL suggestion in 1M says 16 pips you can get a relative secure 8 pips scalp trade. The Session indicator on the left upper corner of our chart needs to be synchronized with your brokers time, here is a web link to the Forex world session hours: Forex Hours only set the time shift to the difference that your broker time zone has to GMT, for example GMT You can change the font size for the labels in the last position of the properties window.

To install it properly make sure to check Allow DLL imports in the properties The Pivot indicator is the most advanced one that you can find in the net and all credit on its modification belongs to Traderathome. You can setup mid pivots until level 5, show daily open and yesterday open and close as horizontal lines.

You can change all line styles and colors. A good link to a pivot learning site: www. Note: some of these settings may vary when DST is in effect, you will have to adjust accordingly at that time but we then will issue a DST recalculation. The Coral is optional depending on your risk level, the red, green and yellow line on the main window is our line in the sand and shows us the trading direction for the TF we are trading.

It is the line in the sand that divides us from short and long trades. I called it coral because it looks similar to the highly venomous Coral snake and you may get hurt if you dont respect her. You can setup alerts as well.

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Best and most secure trend confirmation is a cross of the fast Trix on the zero level. Other reasons to take profit can be: Touch of a trend line, resistance or support line, horizontal psych level 00 — 20 — 50 — or a black cat that cross your screen Stop Loss: please set your stop loss according to your money management plan, as higher your TF that you trade as lower you set the pip value and as higher the Stop Loss, also it depends on the currency pair that you are trading.

I use THV mainly for scalp trades but many traders use it in higher time frames. These are the only rules; anything else depends on your basic knowledge on FX and your feelings. And at the end to Turhovach for pesenting his charts and settings in FF and so making me suspicious what is behind of that and last but not least, my wife, giving me the time to get all this done.

There are many more to thank but the list will be too long. Who ask for them will be banned from posting in this thread!!!

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