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Seinfeld episode kramer horse betting

seinfeld episode kramer horse betting

Kramer gets a tip from Bob Sacamano for a mudder going around at double-figure odds. He places a bet and listens to the call on the radio. His. Access scores of full Seinfeld episodes, Seinfeld series information, and complete Seinfeld seasons right here, Kramer and horse racing. KRAMER: (Picks one up, he's mesmerized) I never thought I'd live to see that (Scene ends). [Setting: Horse Track Betting]. WASHINGTON NATIONALS ODDS

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Mo shows Elaine and Kramer several guns but Elaine backs out and buys a toy gun instead. Later in the episode, Elaine would accidentally pull out her toy gun in the airport and get swarmed by security guards along with Jerry and George, who would also wind up in jail -- eerily foreshadowing the group's fate in the finale. The infamous episode was set to go into production as sets were built and actors were cast. Concerns by the network and the cast over the gun content led to the script being abandoned almost immediately after the table read.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus recalls in a DVD commentary track that she felt uncomfortable with one scene in particular wherein Elaine mimicked the assassinations of former U. Elaine was to point a gun to her head and joke, "Where do you want it, Jerry? The Kennedy? Louis-Dreyfus told Alexander, "I'm not doing this. The cast briefly rehearsed before refusing to make the episode, with the network's approval. It never seemed to be quite as funny as it should be and, because of that, the balance was off and the darkness kind of enveloped it.

And a lot has changed in the nearly three decades since. But that would have denied us the delightful visual of Richards whipping his invisible thoroughbred amid a crowd of fellow gamblers. Eric Raskin Eric is a veteran writer, editor, and podcaster in the sports and gaming industries. He was the editor-in-chief of the poker magazine All In for nearly a decade, is the author of the book The Moneymaker Effect, and has contributed to such outlets as ESPN.

Contact Eric at eraskin usbets. Related Posts.

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