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Angela loves crypto

angela loves crypto

Follow Angela Doster (@moneybag) stocks and crypto investments - 3 Followers life and money&couponing&shopping are a few of my life long loves and bein. We critique Bitcoin, discussing the value of the term decentralisation, Angela Walch: They did not ask me, but, I would love the chance. Hitting back at the comments from the banking executives, Ian Love, founder and CEO of crypto investment firm Blockchain Assets, tweeted. HOW MANY COINS ARE BASED ON ETHEREUM

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Angela loves crypto bitcoin gold and coinbase


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Lewis has represented issuers, underwriters, banks and others on a wide range of transactions around the globe. With the emergence of blockchain technology, Lewis early on identified the important role this technology would play across the financial markets and virtually all aspects of the commercial landscape and committed his time to advising clients in this area.

Lewis graduated from Clark University, cum laude, with a B. He served as the Director of the Investor Protection Unit for three years and was responsible for administering and enforcing the provisions of the Delaware Securities Act. Greg has successfully represented the State of Delaware in many complex civil enforcement matters alleging violations of Delaware investor and consumer protection statutes and has extensive litigation experience.

Greg graduated from Lehigh University with a B. Prior to joining DLx Law, Sarah served as senior corporate counsel at a leading crypto platform, focusing on various corporate matters and strategic initiatives. Sarah received her B. During law school, Sarah also served as a judicial extern to the Hon. Debra Ann Livingston of the U. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Freeman received his B. Freeman is admitted in the states of New York and New Jersey.

He was firmly attached to the classic Coin Bureau logo t-shirt and rejected several other designs that were suggested. A man of many talents he is. I am such a fan of this fantastic artwork that I actually have it as a poster on my wall and the matching shirt. Obama may be gone from the White House, but those words now seem even more applicable to Bitcoin. Bitcoin: Yes We Can. Image via Etsy The posters come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit whichever space you have that is in need of a bit of classy crypto artwork.

Etsy actually has an incredible selection of crypto-themed artwork from various artists that you can choose from. Art can be a risky gift, I get it. This extremely handy and useful piece of kit is suitable for anyone who stores cryptocurrency in any kind of hardware or software wallet.

While the Seed Wallet shown above is our very own product, there are alternatives if you prefer a different style. Get Your Seed Phrase Protector! Whoever you gift this to will be grateful that you are taking an interest in their crypto safety, and who knows, your gift may even one day save them from losing access to all their crypto.

What is really cool is that these art pieces can be transferred back and forth between the physical and the digital world in the form of NFTs. Basically, you can show these pieces off in your virtual home in the metaverse , or your real living room. If you are not such a fan of digital art prints, then you may also want to check out Artoshi , an artist who uses paint on canvas.

Shop For Crypto Art! Contact details can be found in the About section of our YouTube channel, or you could reach out to Coin Bureau Recruiting. Who knows, maybe Guy himself could soon be squeezing himself into one of your designs… 6: Crypto Research Subscriptions There are a lot of research and analytic sites available for crypto hodlers to conduct in-depth research on things like tokens, on-chain metrics, sentiment analysis, technical analysis, all the way to sites that thoroughly cover macro and micro-economic conditions that may have an impact on crypto.

The first one I would recommend is Glassnode for on-chain market intelligence research: Image via glassnode. Glassnode is often used by firms such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and even us here at the Coin Bureau when we are conducting research. For those into technical and sentiment analysis, and for folks who enjoy reading reports that cover the entire crypto industry, my top choice would be Messari Pro Image via Messari Messari is one of the most professionally trusted crypto analytics companies in the world and has become the gold standard for data-driven insights and analysis trusted by major firms and professional crypto traders.

Two other notable mentions are Santiment , which covers pretty much every angle of crypto analytics, and LunarCrush which is 1 in the industry for crypto social analytics. Purchasing a subscription for the crypto lover in your life could be a great way to not only show that you support them in their interests, but also provide them with tools to help them on their adventure. For those of you who are like me, my day usually starts off blurry-eyed, bed-headed and squinting at my phone checking the crypto markets.

Though none of it really makes much sense until I have had my first cup of hot magic bean goodness. For us crypto folk who love coffee and tea, a crypto mug is a must-have. As much as I like the Ethereum mug, I want a little Bitcoin and Monero reminder in the morning as I pour myself a cup of ambition and get a dose of some encouragement that the future is going to be multi-chain and there is more than just Ethereum undertaking the colossal mission of making the world a better place.

Let a crypto mug fuel your passion for crypto while the caffeine fuels you! Midway through the article, I laid down for a minute power nap on my Bitcoin pillow. I will admit that these crypto pillows are pretty nerdy, but I love them. I have a Bitcoin and an Ethereum one and they are always a great conversational piece for when guests come over.

Most people recognize the Bitcoin logo even if they are no-coiners, and as soon as they see the pillow they often ask about Bitcoin. Once they ask, then the way is paved for me to orange-pill them and tell them about the magic of crypto.

Cozy up your home with some crypto pillows. Cuddling up with one of these pillows with a warm beverage in a crypto mug makes the winter weather outside now not seem so bad. They are such a funny and unique crypto gift idea, I think we sold out of these within the first couple of weeks mainly because our team bought most of the stock for ourselves and loved ones.

The BTC bikini: Yep, this is happening. If you want a wider range of all sorts of crypto-themed accessories, even wacky stuff like a Solana Dog Bowl , you may also be interested in checking out Zazzle. Shop For Crypto Accessories!

Make mine a double. Image via Etsy How about some Bitcoin ice cubes and crypto-themed baked goods, an understated ode to what made your new lavish lifestyle possible without flaunting it. Talk about a conversation starter!

No problem, you can make the same subtle point by handing them one of these Bitcoin coasters to protect your new fine mahogany table: A Fine Selection of Bitcoin Coasters are Available at Zazzle Etsy and Zazzle have a whole load of weird and wonderful crypto-related merch. Bonus Gift Idea: The Ultimate Step in Crypto Safety If you know someone who is into crypto but has not yet taken the most important step in protecting their funds, they may just need a little nudge in the right direction.

In our comprehensive articles and multiple videos on How to Keep Your Crypto Safe , our followers know that at the Coin Bureau, we preach the gospel of self-custody and the importance of hardware wallets. Seriously, as any crypto veteran who has been around the block a time or two will attest to, hardware wallets are the 1 best way to sleep soundly at night knowing that your crypto is protected and out of the reach of hackers.

There are 3 hardware wallets that I recommend, and we have dedicated reviews for all three of them if you want to learn more about them: Trezor — Best for multi-coin storage and an easy-to-use interface, great for beginners.

Get Your Trezor Today!

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