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Grand national betting odds comparison

grand national betting odds comparison

At The Races – Digital partner to Sky Sports Racing. Get horse racing news, video replays, racecards, results, form, tips, features and odds comparison. Compare Grand National odds from the top and most trustworthy UK bookies using the betting table below. Get best odds on your big-race. Bet on Grand National with Paddy Power and browse the latest Grand National Betting Odds. ✓Grand National Bets ✓Grand National Offers ✓Aintree. NORTHERN BIG LIGHTS FOREX

Punters who specialize in multi-bet prefer this bet because of the bonuses involved. Yes, there are bonuses given on a Lucky 16 wager. There is a one-loser bonus is applied in a situation whereby only one of the selected runners loses the race. There is also a one-winner bonus that is applied when only one of the selected runners wins their race. For a lucky 16 bet to win, one or more selected runners must win their race. Yankee This bet involves placing 11 bets in the following structure: 6 doubles and 4 trebles, with an odds accumulator.

The bet got its name from an American soldier who wagered a small amount but won a significant payout amounting to hundreds of thousands because of the roll over effect. However, this bet only guarantees a return of more than 2 runners in your selection win their races. These are just some of the available bets you can come across during the Grand National horse racing contest.

There are many more types of bets available such as the Canadian bet, the super Yankee, Heins, and Goliath. You need to acquaint yourself with these bets to help you improve your betting chance, hence enable you to win more money. Betting Successfully on the Grand National Festival If you are travelling to the Aintree Racecourse to enjoy the Grand National Horse Hunt races, then also prepare yourself to place bets during the event.

Who knows, you may just end up winning a huge payout from the event. Here is how you can prepare yourself for betting during the Grand National meeting: Know the event schedule The Grand National is expected to run for three days, with different races scheduled for each day of the event. Betting successfully in the Grand National requires that you understand what races are on and who are involved in the races, including the jockey, the runner and their respective trainers.

In most race events, there is always a document denoting the race program. It documents who the participants are and when they are expected to race. Moreover, the document will inform you on the performance history of the participating parties.

For instance, you can review the performance history of a particular horse and compare it with other competing horses to determine how it will perform in the next race. While some horses perform remarkably well on a natural dirt surface, others prefer to run on grass or all-weather surfaces.

Betting on the winner is the most exciting in many ways. However, there are other bets that come with higher chances of winning. Here are some of the more advanced horse racing bets for the Grand National. If you bet on a horse to place, you are betting that they will finish first, second, or even third. Gold, silver, or bronze will do in this case. You are basically placing an outright and a place bet. If your horse finishes second or third, you collect just the place bet. However, if they finish first, you get to cash in on both.

Quinella A quinella is a tough bet. You have to bet on two horses, and they both have to be correct. However, it comes with a bit of wiggle room. While you are betting on the top two horses, they can finish in any order, as long as they are the top two. Exacta An exacta bet, in addition to having a name that sounds like a super hero, is one tough bet. It combines an outright with a quinella.

That is to say that you have to guess the winner and the runner up, and in the correct order. None of the wiggle room from the quinella. However, as this is such a tough bet, it typically comes with a handsome reward. Standings Grand National Betting Strategy Whether this is your first dive into Grand National betting, or if you have been at it for years, it is always a good time to iron out the details of your Grand National betting strategy.

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With that in mind, many punters find it a good idea to pick more than just one horse and back them each-way. This means you are backing the horse in both the win and place markets, which, given there are so many runners, is often a shrewd play. Given the uniqueness of the Grand National, it is rare that a horse who is hopelessly out of form wins because the race is the true test of a racehorse and thus, it is much harder to suddenly turn things around.

As such, when deciding who to back, it is prudent to select a runner that is in form and therefore is a confident frame of mind. As mentioned, the uniqueness and variety of the race mean that it is often won by a horse that has experience around Aintree and over the Grand National fences.

Most horses never see fences like the ones on the Grand National course and thus experience jumping them stands them in very good stead moving forward. Ground Another important factor to consider in your betting strategy is the ground. For many, the ground is one of the biggest things they consider when choosing who to back in a horse race. This is because some horses thrive when the ground is dry known as good or quick ground , while others prefer it when the ground has been softened by the rain known as soft or slow ground.

This method should prove prudent over the long term. Perhaps the most famous of all of them was Red Rum, who to this day remains the only horse to have won the race three times, with the last of those victories coming in He is, perhaps, the greatest Grand National winner of all time. Horse Racing Handicapping At Grand National The Grand National is a handicap which means that every horse running has an official rating with each rating corresponding to the weight the horse has to carry.

The best horse on ratings carries the most weight and so on with the 40th horse carrying the lightest weight. The theory behind this is that it makes the race an even playing field. In essence, the horse is running with less weight than it should do and so it has a better chance of winning than its rating suggests. Following the event, analysis of the race itself are emblazoned in every sports publication.

Interviews with jockeys and trainers and horse owners fill pages and make for interesting reading. There are a few notable races that will have certainly turned heads and cemented their place in the history books, but we have to share what is undoubtedly the most famous race of them all: The one where a horse won: In a bizarre set of circumstances took place that you could never have predicted. A rider-less horse, called Popham Down galloped across the front of the field bringing pretty much every other horse to a standstill at fence number Riders were flying off horses everywhere, getting stuck amid the spruce on the top of the fence, horses turning around and going back the way they came.

It was total chaos. One horse; Foinavon and his jockey, John Buckingham was the only horse, out of an unusually big field of 44 that year, that came out of the melee totally unscathed. He rode on, armed with is odds to gain a very unsuspecting victory. Fence number 23rd naturally had to be nicknamed Foinavon. Conditions were misty and commentaries on the early races are incomplete. However we know that Easter Hero fell at the Canal Turn on the first circuit caused a huge pile up of pretty much the whole of the field, with seven horses managing to get back up and carry on.

This reduced to three, then by the end only two; Tipperary Tim and Billy Barton. Fences The course taken for the Grand National includes sixteen fences. Of the sixteen, the first fourteen fences are jumped twice. Riders complete two laps of the course, but on the second lap they miss out jumps fifteen and sixteen. Up until 15 years ago the fences were made of wooden posts reaching up the the top of the fence covered in spruce branches.

There are other safety features that have been added to help jockeys ensure they have the best chance at navigating and ensuring the best clearance. The height of the fences in The Grand National are astounding. They range from two feet, six inches to five feet, two inches. Just to make it even harder, the lowest fence has a 12 foot, six inch pond spread after it. Although the fence is high, the jockeys need to get their horse to, in effect, fly over it and the water beyond.

As with The Water Jump and The Chair, other fences have been given iconic names because of the scintillating dramas that have taken place at them over the years the race has been running. Jockey, Captain Martin Becher was dramatically thrown off his horse, Conrad. The crowd were aghast because Captain Becher was coined as one of the top jockeys and should have been bringing Conrad all the way home, not taking him for a swim!

Aintree Aintree Racecourse opened in It held small flat racing events and was just like any other flat race course. William Lynn leased the land from Lord Sefton and had big ambitions for it to become a firm location in the horse racing world.

William arranged for the courses first grandstand to be built and Lord Sefton himself placed a box of sovereigns into the footings. The original grandstand has, over the years been replaced and rebuilt to what we know today as The Lord Sefton Stand. During the first world war Aintree was taken over by the Ministry of War and the Grand National held in Gatwick aptly named, the War Nationals and during the second the race course actually became a prisoner of war camp and the races were not held between and We then gallop on through the early days of the Grand National and arrive at ,when the Topham family purchased the racecourse outright from Lord Sefton.

Mirabel Topham, a former gaiety girl took the reigns and developed the race course further. Following the second world war, the racecourse was set to decline and nearly became derelict. One of the biggest initiatives Mirabel introduced was a motor racing circuit. Work began to build the motor racing track in The circuit being built in the inner triangle of the horse race course. The last being held in In a property developer named Bill Davies brought the course and promised to keep the flame of the Grand National lit.

Davies, had very different ambitions to the horse race loving public and began to make swift plans to build housing estates on the racecourse land. Ladbrokes the bookmakers and the general public campaigned, Ladbrokes invested and the public raised money through donations to allow The Jockey Club to keep Aintree and its gem, The Grand National alive.

They bought the course off Davies and told him where to stick his property development plans. The rest as they say is history… If you would like to know more about getting to Aintree to visit the racecourse see our articles. Prize Money With a race that tests the ultimate endurance skills of horse and jockey, goes a hefty prize pot.

The Grand National race claims the biggest prize pot in the British National Hunt racing calendar, with that, it is also the most valuable. It is a national treasure. Over the years the prize pot has grown as sponsorship has become more lucrative. This was not always the case as over the years, the number of prizes has increased. This figure being shared between the jockey, trainer, owner.

The races in , and are often not included in the history books as they were called the War National Steeplechase. It is a testament to the popularity of the Grand National that the racing continued during the war. The second world war delivered a different fate and the race was stopped entirely during and Many of the riders and trainers would have probably been conscripted and fought for the freedom and the race to one day be able to return perhaps.

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How do you choose your Grand National bets? grand national betting odds comparison

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