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Forexia elegance coral

forexia elegance coral

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Besides the proven product groups Parkettfreund will be also introducing new aspects of flooring installation with its profile assortment for vinyl and design floor coverings. Parkettfreund will be also presenting its wide choice of high-grade underlays as well as tried and tested repair products, tools and other accessories.

Come and see Parkettfreund in Hall B6 — stand Extremely strong, extremely variable and extremely sticky — the full range supplier Pallmann sets the bench mark high and shows at the BAU three high performance solutions for wood floor professionals: The new lacquer Pall-X Extreme, the woodfloor adhesive Pallmann P6 and the wood floor sanding machine Cobra.

Owing to new Pallmann Variotec Technology, the new waterbased woodfloor lacquer Pall-X Extreme can be applied as single or two component system, what allows flexible application and stock management. In normal up to heavy wear areas, the lacquer is used without the hardener. The 2-component version — with the hardening component B — seals and protects the woodfloor against chemical and mechanical exposure. With the adhesive P6 Pallmann provides also an extremely sticky, hard woodfloor adhesive with high shear resistance.

And visitors can convince themselves of the specific performance of the woodfloor sanding machine Pallmann Cobra. The Pallmann booth is in Hall A4, booth During recent editions of the Cersaie trade fair, the company unveiled scores of novelties and BAU is also an ideal opportunity to show them. The extension of the range and the number of finishes undoubtedly constitute the most important innovations. After all, this makes it possible to provide new technical and aesthetic responses to demands.

Tough enough to withstand the roughest use, LifeLine floors are extremely easy to keep clean. In addition, they are PVC free and ecologically safe. Karelia hardwood floors are made of real wood. Each floor is an individual work of art with its own personality, telling its own unique story. These products, along with other inspirational flooring solutions are presented at Karelia-Upofloor stand in BAU Munich WOCA WOCA develops and markets a complete range of wood care products for basic treatment and maintenance of wood for the private consumer as well as the industrial market.

WOCA is one of the leading manufacturers of wood care on the European markets and a number of export markets. The industrial products are supplied to leading floor and furniture plants in Europe and Asia. WOCA offers the customers innovative, eco-friendly quality products with sustainable results. The fundamental philosophy of WOCA is to preserve the natural properties of the wood and help the wood to breathe and adjust to the surrounding environment through a special finish.

That is the reason why the WOCA range consists of natural oils and soaps that keep and emphasize the natural properties of the individual wood types. WOCA offers an extensive range of products for pre-treatments, basic treatments, cleaning and care of all wood types. Besides numerous colour options through lye, technique and colouring, WOCA offers an extensive range of tools for the easy finishing and simple use of the products.

You can find much more information on our exhibition stand at Bau Munich, and see our presentation of innovative products and new accessories for both indoor and outdoor use. With an installation height of just 5 mm, kingsize is the perfect flooring solution. The Witex brand range has been considerably reduced to make a streamlined and attractive new range.

The new collections offer a sophisticated, modern and exclusive variety. This is a total range of anodised profiles in various shades of black. It is the ideal solution for adapting to trends in the world of tiles. Therefore, Progress Profiles has developed new displays which are adapted to all exhibition halls, demands, and products. The new display for the Pro-levelling System, for example, has been designed for presenting and clarifying one of the most innovative and successful products from Progress Profiles in the best possible way.

Floor Forum International 57 variations for Topbamboo and high density flooring, bamboo cladding, coloured decking and a new range of bamboo beams and slats. For more information visit as at Hall B6 - booth Harder than oak and just as pretty Bamboo has not been on the market all that long in our part of the world. By contrast, in many Asian countries, notably China, bamboo has been a top raw material for centuries for building and interior applications.

Its mass presence in China and the rapid growth which that country has experienced are certainly two of the main reasons for this. China has plantations from six to nine million hectares, which have been in use for centuries. Not only can you use bamboo for building, but you can also eat it and, in China, they even brew beer with it. For some time now, people have also used bamboo to make textiles.

This makes bamboo even more ecological simply as a raw material. Wood is certainly such a material. In most cases, forest managers plant a new tree for each one which is cut down. Bamboo does a lot better! Whilst most trees, depending on their sort, need 30, 60, or years to mature for cutting, bamboo is extracted every six years.

Bamboo is a raw material which renews itself easily. Veneer floors have a top layer of 0. So far, so good! If you put all floors into one category where wood or a wood related product is included, it makes it much easier for the end users: parquet simply the noblest of all floors , multi-layer parquet somewhat less noble , and veneer parquet with a top layer of 0. However, the fact is that the parquet federation has got the law on its side i. We respect that, but, yes, there is a but!

What do we say to that? Bamboo floors are available in solid wood and multi-layer with top layers which can be as much as 6 to 8mm. It is, and remains, a sort of grass. And so, watch this space! Intrinsic qualities It is interesting to know that the filament of the very first light bulb invented by Thomas Alva Edison was made from bamboo.

This shows that bamboo has some very impressive mechanical visit the new www. With this tensile strength bamboo is still pliable, light, and flexible. Bamboo has a dimensional stability of 0. The index of swelling and shrinking as a result of differences in temperature is very low. Since bamboo is much less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, it is perfectly possible to use it in combination with floor heating. Floor sorts There are just as many sorts types of bamboo floors as there are wooden floors.

In order to make bamboo floors, you first have to make panels from which those floors can be made. Bamboo panels are made from ripples of bamboo, which are glued to each other horizontally plain pressed or vertically side pressed and under pressure. Naturally, the end result is a solid block of bamboo. The wooden panel obtained in this way is comparable to a solid wood plank with the exceptional mechanical properties outlined above.

The floorboards are made from that plank. As we have already said, there are just as many bamboo floors as there are wooden floors. As is the case with parquet, we find solid wood bamboo floors in the shape of planks, strips, traditional parquet sections, or end grain blocks. Bamboo floors meet the EN standard, which stipulates the usages to which parquet and wooden floors can be subjected. If you are going to glue a bamboo floor, manufacturers advise you to check the suitability of the glue.

For example, you must not use emulsion adhesives or alcohol-based glues. Dual component glues or polymer glues are the ones usually recommended. If you are going to fit a bamboo floor floating, you should ask for information about the components of the bottom layer because some components are not compatible with bamboo. For bamboo, too, it is advisable to store the floorboards at the fitting location for a few days so that the bamboo can acclimatise to the conditions.

In the bathroom? Although bamboo has very good mechanical properties, the long cellulose fibres from which the material is constructed make it sensitive to climatological changes. If you wish to fit bamboo in the bathroom, it is best to opt for a sufficiently thick multi-layer floorboard. Then, all you need to do is apply extra varnish where the floorboards have been sawn.

After all, bamboo is a perfect conductor of water. Bamboo is less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and certainly the multi-layer structure guarantees very high stability. As is the case with wooden floors, it is important to take account of certain rules both before and during the fitting of the parquet, as well as afterwards when the floor is eventually used. Coconut palm and black palm Whilst bamboo is used extremely widely, there are other hard materials in the forest which are used for floor covering, but which still fit into a niche.

For example, exceptionally hard floors are made from the wood which is extracted from the hard layer located between the core and the exterior of the coconut palm. In contrast to the vast range of possibilities with bamboo, there are only two main designs in coconut parquet, namely traditional parquet and solid wood planks.

Another alternative to bamboo is the iriartea deltoidea, an uncommon black palm sort from Ecuador, the only place where that palm sort has ever been found. This palm grows mainly in the damp pastures where it can reach a height of up to 30m and a diameter of 25 to 30cm. This palm, too, yields a hardness to rival tropical wood. Bamboo Touch According to Bamboo Touch, bamboo sales are stagnating.

This is not due to a fall in demand, but rather the emergence of very cheap products. People tend to be a little sceptical towards bamboo and are sometimes disappointed. Current trends are for very light shades or white designs. According to Bamboo Touch, consumers are not really aware of the ecological arguments and are motivated by the price. Strictly speaking, bamboo is quite expensive if you want a good product.

The latest innovations are bamboo floors on HDF with a click system and coloured bamboo floors. The knowledge that we have accumulated over many years allows us to offer professional solutions for parquet layers, interior design companies and the industry and ensures first-hand expertise.

A well-coordinated parquet flooring programme, system Lalegno Lalegno has noticed a growing interest in bamboo products, partly because finishes aim for a highly natural element and partly because Lalegno lightly carbonates its bamboo products.

In this way they are trying to transfer the light shades of oak to bamboo floors. A big plus point here is the dimensioning. Seeing that Lalegno guarantees stable parquet, the company has opted for a three-layer construction so that they can offer bamboo floors in lengths of mm and widths of mm.

In particular, the strand woven thick bamboo is rapidly growing in popularity. With this type of parquet the bamboo strips are compressed in such a way that the fibres change their shape. The result looks very trendy.

It is probably the design look and the gentle shades of colour of the lightly carbonated fibres which greatly attract the wider public. MOSO: the specialist in bamboo flooring Interest in bamboo is still growing. In the beginning, people chose bamboo for its different look, but nowadays the environmental aspect has become increasingly important. This, combined with the fact that bamboo is not a tree but a grass which grows to maturity in six years, clearly proves that bamboo surpasses any wood when it comes to sustainability.

Apart from the green credentials of MOSO bamboo, the constant innovation on the decorative side also makes it very popular. MOSO has introduced an extensive range of styles, colours, and surfaces, including brushed versions. There is even a bamboo floor with the original bark of the plant as top layer: this is both very beautiful and strong. As the A-brand in bamboo flooring, MOSO offers only the highest quality including a product guarantee of up to 30 years.

In order to meet the growing demand for solid wood floorboards, Elephant Bambusprodukte has developed planks in the dimensions x x 30mm and x x 40mm. These extremely long planks are certainly unique and are much coveted for fitting in kitchens.

Elephant Bambusprodukte bamboo floors solid wood or multi-layer have a Brinell value of about 4. The mechanical properties of these CoBAM floors equate more to those of steel than of wood. The latter are very easy to fit and can combine with other ceramic or mineral elements. Our well-stocked warehouse ensures safe and reliable delivery. This hotel is one of the most remarkable on the French Riviera and, during its long history, it has welcomed artists such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and Georg Bernard Shaw, politicians such as Eisenhower, and stars such as Rita Hayworth or, more recently, Jude Law.

Our attention, however, is focused on the wooden floors, which provide extra grace and style: oak parquet floors and tremendous terrace floors in teak and a photogenic pontoon in ipe. A few years ago, the old hotel was completely renovated and restored. The company fitted the new oak parquet floors in the hotel rooms and completed the outdoor terrace in teak wood and a pontoon in ipe. They were also responsible for maintaining the floor. At the same time, the 2C technology provides extra protection and the reaction with the intrinsic substances of the wood reinforces the top layer.

The colour of the wood is also retained thanks to an extra built-in absorber. Ciranova offers the UVP Colour in eight different colours, and visit the new www. The pontoon was given a ship deck floor in ipe wood. The result was absolutely magnificent and the finish was also resistant to the nonetheless hostile seawater.

The location and finish of the pontoon are unique and particularly photogenic. And so, it is certainly no coincidence that the pontoon has already been used as a location for filming various publicity spots. Recently, a spot was recorded for Dior Homme with Jude Law in the lead role.

Oak parquet for hotel rooms For the bedrooms the hotel management chose to fit new parquet floors, and they opted for oak wood. The finish, just like in the restaurant, was applied with Ciranova Aquafix Project 2K. This extremely colourfast finish also guarantees that the natural colour of the oak wood is preserved. And so, this exclusive project in this fashionable place proves all the more that parquet still enjoys preferential treatment when things have to be timeless and stylish.

The modern finish products, which came from Ciranova in this case, ensure a long lifespan and easy maintenance. For more information : info ciranova. Decking Care always gives the wood nutritional protection. Decking Care is applied to the wood once or twice a year to provide maximum protection.

They always clean and prepare the wooden floor first using Ciranova Wood Cleaner. Teak ship deck floor in the restaurant For the finish of the teak ship deck floor in the restaurant, the floor fitters opted for a different solution to that outdoors and settled for the Aquafix Project 2K from Ciranova.

This is a 2-component, waterborne, non-inflammable, odourless, and transparent PU-based varnish to provide an ecological finish for wooden floors. Thanks to its hardener, it is ideal as a dual component varnish for the heavy treatment to which it will be subjected in a restaurant and also possesses outstanding anti-slip properties. Here, they chose the Satin option to have it slightly glazed. Project Debal Coatings NV- Ciranova B in this case the workers opted for the colour of teak in order to retain the natural colour of the teak wood as much as possible.

This might meet the standards which they set for themselves, but a professional would not get away with such end results. These sanding machines reach places which are hard to reach. However, neither of these machines is capable of sanding in places which are difficult to reach. Edge sanders are the only solution here. These machines make it possible to sand right up to the wall. Most edge sanders have a telescopic nose piece optional in some cases which increases the operating reach e.

These machines are designed in such a way that they can be deployed widely and they are usually easy to operate, even for inexperienced workers. The diameter of the sanding disc varies from make to make, but is usually or mm.

Edge sanders are designed in such a way that they can easily be deployed for sanding staircases, for example, through the addition of a Teflon sole. The Bona Edge is suitable for both discs with axis hole and discs with Velcro. This machine also has better dust suction than any other edge sander on the market. It is a practical machine fitted with a lamp and it is easy to transport. The Bona Edge is an exceptionally powerful edge sander.

It is powered by a single-phase AC motor with a capacity of 2kW. At normal pressure the machine rotates at about revolutions a minute. The total weight of the Bona Edge is 15kg. The diameter of the sanding disc is mm. The centre piece for the model is mm, whilst for the model it is, of course, mm. The centre piece is 50mm in height. The Bona Edge can be used to sand the edges of newly fitted wooden floors, parquet and cork floors, untreated floors, and used floors previously treated with oil or varnish.

The Mini Edge from Bona is a parquet sander specially designed for sanding edges, stairs, and thresholds. This machine is also designed in line with the latest research into human engineering, safety, and capacity. The machines are checked and inspected meticulously before they leave the factory. The Mini Edge is a lightweight machine 9kg , which is extremely easy to operate. The Mini Edge has an integrated halogen lamp to provide better working results.

The centre piece is protected by a rubber impact cover. Dismac Dismac presents the outstanding edge sander Speedy. The Speedy is a sander for professional use and has a long sanding arm to make it easier to sand under radiators.

The machine is supplied with tools, dust bag, 10m leads, ear muffs, and dust mask. Despite its high motor capacity and rapid sanding speed, the Speedy is easy to use. The machine is extremely userfriendly whilst in use, even in places which are hard to reach.

Since the dust suction tube can rotate, the dust bag can be put in any position as required. The bumper wheels, which are fitted near the sanding disc, make it possible to work close to skirting boards without damaging them.

The powerful dust suction keeps dust off the sanding surface throughout the operation. Despite the substantially powerful motor, an electronic power breaker always ensures smooth and easy starting and constant efficiency, even with weaker fuses and a loss of voltage. The extremely flat sanding arm makes it possible to sand under very low radiators.

All the moving mechanical parts are protected by covers, which, if necessary, can be removed easily. If necessary, the starting switch can be used without releasing the handles. The machine meets all the prevailing safety requirements and guidelines within the European Union. The electronic speed control ensures the right speed for each sanding tool.

FG Taifun is an economic machine in many respects. The and mm sanding arms are very easy to change. The FG Randy is a belt-corner-sanding machine to remove sanding marks along the sides. The FG Randy makes it possible to sand right up to the edge. This eliminates the risk of differences in colour with oiling or colouring.

This powerful machine has a capacity of W, is sturdily built, and is easy to connect to an external dust suction unit. Klindex Klindex presents the Mini Timba, a compact, yet powerful sanding machine with a reach of mm. The Mini Timba weighs 31kg and produces excellent sanding results right up to the wall. Thanks to the two heads, which rotate in different directions and are perfectly balanced, the Mini Timba is extremely easy to use, even for less experienced workers.

The round wheels mean it is possible to rotate the machine effortlessly in all directions. You can use Mini Timba for both finishing and levelling. Although it is designed for use in small rooms, it also performs excellently on larger surfaces. The steering sander is mainly driven thanks to a directional control: a light pressure put by the operator start the movement. Equipped with two counter-rotating discs siafast version for easy application of the abrasive, the machine can maintain the desired direction with a simple push on the right or left.

The steering sander is more balanced and faster, perfect for prefinished but also suitable for solid wood sanding. Light and compact for transport, it is the ideal tool for the floor specialist and for maintenance and finishes of plans in general. The whole world of carpets and floor coverings under one roof Carpets and floor coverings shape our living space — they play a major role in creating the style and ambience of interior design.

This machine provides a solution for places which a standard machine cannot reach. This Sideboy series of sanders is ideal for professional users. The machines are supplied with tools, dust bag, ear muffs, and dust mask. Repex The Repex Zephyr Light Edger is an extremely comfortable machine thanks to its compact and ergonomic design.

It is designed for dustfree sanding in places which are difficult to reach, even on stairs. The nose is easy to use and can be replaced optionally by a longer nose of 35cm. This machine weighs barely 7. Dust can be absorbed directly in the dust bag, but the Repex Zephyr Light Edger is also equipped for connection to an external dust unit.

Thanks to its powerful motor 1. Just like the other Repex sanding machine, this Zephyr Light Edger is designed to work for years. Visit us at Domotex Hannover, Hall 8, booth B11 Floor Forum International 57 Janser 36 Janser is launching a brand new machine for sanding in corners, places which are hard to reach, and on steps.

This new portable hand-held machine combines the qualities of traditional edge sanders with the comfort and results of surface sanders. Thanks to its adjustable legs, the machine not only always guarantees perfectly smooth sanding, but also makes it extremely easy to sand steps. A spirit level system is integrated into the machine. Naturally, the HF Caddy also has several sanding discs to make the machine a true allrounder.

The discs can be changed in seconds. Naturally, this machine is also equipped with outstanding dust suction. With its revolutionary bonding technologie, Rubio Monocoat Oil has since its inception developed a cross-border reputation as leading reference for professionals. Because of this continued international growth, our agenda holds some important developments.

He was constantly going out with girls he met, even if it sometimes meant leaving you behind. Not that you were salty about it. Or jealous. Not at all. I have to meet up with my group to finish it, and tonight was the only night that worked with everyone. You thought as you popped the last bite of cone into your mouth. Sweat dripped down your forehead and into your eyes. It left a pleasant satisfactory sting as your equally sweaty forearm rose to wipe it away.

Dancing was hard, it was strenuous, but you relished in it. You loved feeling the music gliding across your body, inviting and encouraging your movement. The burn of your muscles. The stretch of your limbs. The bass in your chest. It was utterly euphoric. After wiping away more sweat that fell down your face, you reached over to restart the song just. Taking a deep breath, you walked back to your starting place as the ticks counted down to the start of the track.

Breathing heavily and dripping sweat, you could not wait to take an unnecessarily long and hot shower. Yes, you were aware that cold water was much better for your body, especially after exercise, but cold water was evil. At least you would rinse off with cold water for like 20 seconds at the end. That had to count for something, right? With Spring in full swing, it had to be breathtaking at the moment.

Twenty-seven minutes and a flash of your annual park pass later, you pulled into the first open spot you saw, which happened to be next to an ugly matte black Jeep Wrangler. Geez, who paints their car matte and thinks it looks good? You ponder before whipping your eyes back to the vehicle. Ugly matte black Jeep Wrangler?

You hope out of your car and slowly walk around to the Jeep. There better not be a damn dreamcatcher… I got you a present! You punched him in the shoulder as he frowned at the white dreamcatcher in his hand. So, think of it as sort of a best friend necklace type thing. Where it still was as you currently looked through the window. The guy loved the outdoors and every other park, but he had some weird aversion to this park in particular. You eventually just stopped asking when you were never given a straight answer.

But, oh boy, were you going to be asking again today. With a groan of frustration and annoyance, you entered the hiking trail. Just wait until you find that boy, you were going to strangle him with your sweaty little hands. Not many people knew about it, but after you had stumbled upon it, you made sure to show it to Jimin the next you had dragged his ass out here. You cancel on me, have the audacity to lie about why, and then I find you out here doing… doing what exactly?

You crossed your arms and cocked an eyebrow, just daring him to try and make up a crappy excuse. At least he had the decency to look scared shitless at your approach. His eyes began darting all over the clearing. His hand nervously raked through his hair, but he stayed silent. The odd thing was that nothing had touched you. Then the force around your neck Began. Out of the corner of your vision, you could see that Jimin was trying to reach you, but it seemed an unseen force held him at bay too.

Probably because you were currently getting, you know, choked to death. It hit you that you were actually getting bloody choked, and not in the good way. You tried gasping for breath, but the air was not reaching your lungs. Your head started spinning and darkness began to rim your vision, slowly invading more and more of your eyesight. Desperately, you attempted to rip away the force blocking your air. But when you brought your hands up to your throat, you registered a warm, solid substance.

It felt like skin. Oh my god. You were going to die because of a ghost. Casper the fucking Ghost. Were those fingers? Your vision was almost entirely black by now. You could still faintly hear Jimin shouting over the thumping of your heart. If those were fingers, then there must be a hand, arm, and body, right? You released your grip on the supposed hand around your throat and instead reached out to find what it was attached to.

More skin. A man? You hope. Either way this should hurt like a bitch. You were too much of a stubborn bitch for that. Then, with what little energy you had left, you forced your right leg up as hard and high as you could manage. The sudden rush of air back into your lungs made you even more dizzy as whatever held you vanished.

Collapsing to your knees, you coughed while trying to support yourself by gripping the tree trunk behind you. Suddenly, Jimin was kneeling beside you, repeatedly saying your name. Your body felt like it was lagging behind your head, like when you kept moving the joystick forward during a video game, but the character decided to go sideways instead. You pushed yourself up onto your elbows, grunting as dirt and twigs scraped against them as you did so.

It still seemed to be only the two of you within the clearing, but you knew something, someone was there. You could feel it. You know, beyond the whole thrown against a tree and strangled thing. Gripping his arm, you looked your best friend dead in the eye.

You stared at him because there was no way. That had to be bullshit. You decided to straight up say as much. A few seconds went by and neither of you said anything. Jimin suddenly cocked his head to the left and nodded. His hand reached out in the direction his apricot-colored head had tilted toward, and then something peculiar happened. A tiny, delicate flower petal appeared in his hand.

The pink petal had just… appeared. Cupping the object in his hand, he walked directly in front of you and extended the hand that held the petal. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, not understanding what revelation that petal was supposed to bring. You still had no reason as to why you needed to do that, but you still took the object gently out of his hand.

Giving him a quizzical and skeptical glance, you proceeded to place the delicate pink petal inside your mouth. Expecting to have to gag on it as you swallowed, you were shocked when it simply dissolved on your tongue like powdered sugar. As soon as the last remnant disappeared you gasped as your vision went black. Stars erupted behind your eyes and the sounds of every living thing amplified to clarity. For a split-second, all you could see was that blinding galaxy.

All you could hear was the stars twinkling and the rumbling of an endless, black expanse. You were fully alive, and you felt the world drifting by your fingertips. But the stars began to dim and dim and dim until your vision cleared. You blinked to regain yourself and stilled when you finally registered the clearing again. When you registered what was in the clearing. You and Jimin were no longer alone. Six strangers stood within the clearing.

Six of the most gorgeous men you had ever seen. Beautiful, regal, and intimidating as hell. They each wore a variation of what seemed to be a mix of armor and camouflage as they easily blended in with the spring colors. You sharply inhaled as you noticed that their ears extended into long, delicate points. They looked like some kind of modern Legolas. If Legolas decided to cut his hair, dye it random colors, and give you an immediate lady boner.

You seriously needed to get laid. You stared at them before tightly closing your bugging eyes, counting to ten, and re-opening them. Nope, still there. They gazed back, waiting to see what you would do. Whatever you gave me is some new drug, right? Good prank. He only shot you a sad expression before shaking his head.

In a stressed gesture, he drew a hand down his face then through his orange locks. Eyes bugging out yet again, you returned your gaze to the strangers. You noticed that one of them had moved to go lay down against the base of a tree, his arm tucked underneath his mint-colored hair. Was the situation too boring for the lad? About half of the others had small smiles tugging at the corner of their mouths, yet they were not all relaxed.

Some were too still, too stiff to possibly be relaxed. A couple took a more forward approach and had their hands resting upon their weapons, ready to draw.

Forexia elegance coral yankees ticket voucher

Our broad range of wood, cork, linoleum and vinyl natural and design flooring enables rooms to be designed with true individuality and the freedom of experiencing all styles of natural living quality to be enjoyed.

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Forexia elegance coral Giving him a quizzical and skeptical glance, you proceeded to place the delicate pink petal inside your mouth. But when you brought your hands up to your throat, you registered a warm, solid substance. These sizes are adapted to the forexia elegance of the room so the work is customised. The complex, designed by Sander coral Bruijn, is built in a mixture of different styles and accommodates an arena, a restaurant, offices, congress halls, and a holiday coral arrangement. Collapsing to your knees, you coughed while trying to support yourself by gripping the tree trunk behind you. Most floors are designed in oak and in various possible finishes. You were going to die because of a ghost.
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If you see it start to fade or worse yet bleach, find a spot under an overhand low in the tank or a spot off axis from the source of light where the intensity is lower. In terms of fluorescence, elegance corals do fluoresce quite a bit. Under full actinic lights, their bodies glow a mix of blue and green while the tips of their tentacles glow a color depending on what color morph you have.

Some have pink tips, purple tips, green tips, and in some rare instances yellow tips. Water Flow we have kept elegances under a variety of flow conditions ranging from very little movement to almost crashing waves. Elegance corals appear to be less affected by their flow conditions however stronger flow was beneficial in bringing more food to the coral's tentacles. Like light, water flow is not something that I would go crazy with. Moderate water movement is recommended.

The issue with too much flow is the coral tends to be top-heavy especially when they get larger and swell up. The risk there is that they can parachute off of their perch on the rock-scape and fall on a coral below. Coral Aggression Corals developed all kinds of adaptations to gain a competitive advantage in the battle for real estate on the reef.

In our home aquariums we have to be conscious of these in order to create the best environment for them long term. Elegance corals naturally have long tentacles with powerful nematocysts that can damage more delicate tank mates. Most of the time, this is not a major problem but to be safe, we recommend placing it in a location far from other corals. The video below provides an overview of the different manifestations of coral aggression and ideas on how to mitigate some of the risks inherent in keeping corals in close quarters.

Water Chemistry Elegance corals are LPS meaning as stony corals, they require consistent levels of calcium, alkalinity, and to a lesser degree magnesium in order to grow their calcium carbonate skeleton. If your stony coral load is low or if an elegance coral is one of the only stony corals in your tank, I would not worry too much about these levels. The amount of supplementation needed to maintain calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium depends a lot on the size and growth rate of the stony corals in your tank.

Although elegance corals can grow to massive sizes, the amount of skeleton they produce is surprisingly little compared to the amount of flesh they pack on. In the video below, I cover three different aquariums that utilize different techniques to manage their chemistry. Agonizing over these levels might be mental overkill for this coral, but it is good to periodically test just to make sure everything is in the ballpark of natural sea water levels.

A couple parameters worth paying closer attention to is nitrate and phosphate. LPS corals are sensitive to declining water quality and elevated levels of nitrate and phosphate are an indicator of declining water quality. Low nitrate levels around ppm are actually welcome for large polyp stony corals, but around ppm of nitrate you might start running into some issues such as tissue recession.

In extreme cases, you might see an elegance go through full-fledged polyp bailout. I made a video all about polyp bailout which you can check out if you want to learn more about that. If you find your tank has elevated nitrates or phosphates I look to up nutrient removal through more aggressive protein skimming, detritus removal, and more frequent water changes.

Limiting nutrient input is another technique that may work, but I tend to focus on removal rather than lowering input, but that is a decision you will have to make in the context of your own system. Different systems will respond differently depending on a multitude of factors from system size to filtration capacity, to bio-processing capabilities. Again, your mileage may vary.

Feeding Elegance corals are photosynthetic much like most corals in the reef aquarium hobby. So long as this coral is provided adequate lighting it will get most of the nutrition it requires from the zooxanthellae dinoflagellates living in its tissue. In our experience however, they also benefit from direct feeding. There are a variety of frozen fish foods available that make outstanding meals for Catalaphyllia. We like to feed a mixture of meaty foods such as shrimp, fish, and squid.

As a side note, this coral is an adept assassin of snails. Be forewarned, if you like snails in your tank, this LPS may completely remove them from the equation. Propagation At this time, elegance corals are not a good candidate for aquaculture.

It is possible to cut them with a band saw however this is risky as you may lose one or both halves. This is something we almost never do here at Tidal Gardens. They can extend as much as 6-inches beyond the usual polyps, so be sure to give these corals a wide berth.

Another important consideration is that they may reach an adult size of 12x 8 inches Suffice it to say, this is a reasonably large coral, which you should consider when placing it in your tank. Lighting Elegance corals require a moderately high amount of light to support photosynthesis. LEDs, fluorescent, or other reef-caliber lights will be sufficient. You want to aim for a PAR of about PAR stands for Photosynthetically Available Radiation, which is how you measure the quality of the light.

Flow Water flow is vital in every reef tank containing coral. Since elegances have large elegant, right? Too little and Catalaphyllia jardinei will not thrive. Too much flow, and you risk tearing the delicate polyps. The proper flow brings nutrients to the polyps, ensuring they remain nourished. Feeding the Elegance Coral The Elegance coral has photosynthetic algae , called zooxanthellae, living inside its body tissue. These algae help provide the coral with some of the nutrition they need.

However, they also benefit from regular feedings. What should you feed your elegance coral? Your coral will greedily accept soft, meaty foods. Some notable foods are krill, Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, or small pieces of fish, shrimp , or shellfish. Care should be given to the size you feed this coral.

Preference is given to high-quality foods that are relatively smaller in size. An Elegance coral may greedily accept larger-sized food, but it may get regurgitated later if it is too large to reach the digestive tract. Behavior and Compatibility Clownfish and other species with symbiotic relationships with anemones are excellent tank mates for Elegance corals.

Some individual colonies will tolerate this well; others may seem bothered by it. Like anemones , elegances sport sticky tips at the ends of their tentacles. The key, as mentioned before, is allowing sufficient room between colonies. Catalaphyllia jardinei has relatively large sweeper tentacles that WILL sting neighboring corals.

And the base continues to grow over time hopefully , so be sure to give it ample room or be prepared for your neighboring corals to get ZAPPED.

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