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Greyhound racing live betting plus

greyhound racing live betting plus

Live betting on greyhounds at the racecourse is as simple as letting the bet collector know which dog you are betting for and for how much. You get your racing. Free greyhound racing betting tips are available on the site now for open racing four times a week on a Monday from Nottingham and Romford, a Tuesday from. These days, most mainstream bookmakers offer live streaming through their website and/or app. Greyhound racing tends to get excellent coverage, with the. ASIANCONNECT BETTING TIPS

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Greyhound racing live betting plus rising star 2022 betting


Greyhound betting sites offer a variety of promos that change over time. These incentives often include cashback on losses, payouts if your horse comes in second, and more. Greyhound betting was one of the first forms of online betting to be legalized in the United States.

Individual states retained the authority to opt-out of racing betting, however. Most states decided to allow racing betting, but a handful do not. You can see the full list of states that allow online greyhound betting below. Greyhounds So why did horse and dog racing get exemptions from the law? Well, it was most likely a result of political clout.

Horse and dog tracks have strong connections with politicians in their states and were able to plead their cases to the powers that be. Additionally, dog and horse racing tracks rely on betting revenue to stay in business. Internet betting was seen as a way to bring increased viewership and wagers to struggling tracks, which in turn hire people and spur the local economy.

What this means for you is that it is legal to bet on greyhounds online and via mobile devices at any of the licensed racebooks listed here. Greyhound Tracks In The USA Arkansas: 1 track; set to close in Iowa: 1 track; will close after season West Virginia: 2 tracks The significant decline in active greyhound tracks beginning in has had a major impact on the industry as a whole, but fans in most states will continue to have access to legal online greyhound betting for as long as there are active racetracks anywhere in the United States.

How Greyhound Betting Works Greyhound betting is a form of parimutuel wagering , in which all wagers of the same type are pooled together. Payouts for each wager are determined based on the amount of money bet on each dog after the house take and taxes have been removed from the pool.

The most important thing to know about parimutuel racing betting is that the odds are not fixed in place, even after you place your wager. The final payout odds are only known after the final bet has been placed. The advantage of pari-mutuel wagering is that bettors do not compete against the house. The house takes a cut regardless of how the race plays out. Your only competition is the general betting public.

The same bets and wagers that can be placed on horse races can also be placed on greyhounds. There are two main categories that all greyhound bets fall under: straight bets and exotic bets. Straight Bets Win Bet This is the simplest greyhound racing bet of them all.

In a straight bet to win, you pick one dog and you win if that dog takes first place. Place Bet This is another bet on a single dog, except this time you win if your dog finishes 1st OR 2nd. This bet is a little easier to win and therefore pays a little less than the straight bet to win.

Show Bet Again, you bet on a single dog. This time, your bet wins if he finishes anywhere in the top 3. Across The Board An across-the-board bet is a combination of the above three wagers. In this one, you pick exactly one dog and place three different bets on that dog: a win bet, a place bet and a show bet. If your dog comes in first place, you collect on all three bets. If your dog comes in second, you collect only on the place and show bets.

If your dog comes in third, you collect only on the show bet. Quinella Pick two different dogs and you win if they take first and second place. Exacta Pick two dogs to place first and second place in that exact order. Trifecta Pick three dogs to place first, second and third place in that exact order. Superfecta Pick four dogs to place first, second, third and fourth place in that exact order. Daily Double Pick the first place finishers of two different races.

This bet is usually offered on the first two races of the day and you must place it before the first race begins. Pick 3 Similar to a daily double bet except in this one, you pick the winners of 3 different races. Sometimes you will also see Pick 4s and Pick 6s. Those also have the same basic idea except applied to four or six different races. Jackpots Some dog racing tracks offer special jackpots for the Pick 6 bet.

A racetrack will set up some type of jackpot that grows each day until one person successfully picks the 1st place finishers of six different races. Parlays A parlay is a chain of bets spread across multiple races. If your first pick wins, the winnings automatically roll over and are applied to the bet on the next race. Parlays are difficult to win but they offer potentially massive prizes. Since there are only 6 runners, unlike horse racing where there are many runners and therefore much more variables, dogs betting has more controllable and predictable factors.

For your convenience, we have made a shortlist of our top greyhound betting tips: Research the overall success of the trap in previous events regardless of which dog started from there. Make sure you are aware of the form of the dog. Hounds move up and down, which can affect their odds.

Stay true to your approach when betting on greyhounds and make structured decisions on your wagers. That can be a big trap. As you can see from the list above, greyhound betting can be a relatively straight forward sport to place wagers on. These simple tips can help you maximise your success while betting and at the same time keep your finances stable.

In the coming sections, we will be going over each strategy in more detail. We hope our greyhound betting tips can help you in the long run. Betting on the Trap Many successful punters look purely at which trap is suited to a race, almost irrelevant of which dog is placed in that trap. A mixture of form and the results of dogs that have raced from that trap in previous events at that trap can help to inform which trap should give dogs a better chance of winning.

Some tracks may have an inside bias, while others an outside bias, so make sure to check plenty of previous results to look out for trends. Weather is also important; wet weather usually implies outside traps stand a better chance, while cold winter weather and a salted track should favour the inside. Form This one goes without saying really. Do your research and always check form. Remember that races are graded and that dogs can move up and down between grades.

So, a dog moving down may be in bad form, but it will now have easier races, while a dog moving up will have good form, but tougher races. Betfair provides a daily race card that is full of useful information. There are a few key principles you should stick to then. Always look for value bets to have a strong chance of long term profit. In fact, greyhounds have been prized for their speed since ancient Egyptian times, when they would have been used to hunt.

Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 45 miles an hour and have been used in races since the 18th Century. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side to the sport. There have also been many doping scandals in recent times, such as the Catford scandal below. Doping Scandal at Catford Greyhound racing has come under fire in recent years, but betting scandals go way back.

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greyhound racing live betting plus

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