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How-to for fixing the glitch is at the end. How much does Netflix cost? Watch Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop or streaming device, all for one fixed monthly fee. Use our troubleshooting resources to resolve technical issues and improve your experience with all Zoom products and services.

When you take the video of your room have the louvers shut and up. They might be looking for something in your answer like your thought process, ability to be creative or think under pressure. They can send parts of the text, screenshots, or even photos of the test taken with a smartphone camera.

Depositions upon oral examination a When depositions may be taken. In this case, your GSEM teachers will proctor the exam. Of course, as a dedicated employee who would never slack off, I'm not telling you to cheat the system. Tips for succeeding during zoom interviews. If the cheaters get better grades, an honest youth can feel frustrated.

Internet connection WiFi or wired c. The Notice for the deposition must have 1. The test is adaptive and will calculate your level based on your specific abilities. It is best used as a deterrent to Answer 1 of 2 : Take help from your brother or sister. Candidates who were scheduled for the exams will be the first slated for the administrations.

By continuing to browse this website you agree to the use of cookies. The Knowledge Exam must begin at least 30 minutes before the Customer Service Center closes if taking a non-commercial test and 45 minutes for CDL to allow adequate time for testing and issuance. It is best used as a deterrent to After oral practice, have students write the sentences they created with help as needed.

Jenny Quinn teaches her students via Zoom. Also, avoid wearing uncharacteristic clothes. Students can often copy and paste answers from 1. The test has three parts: a minute multiple-choice test consisting of grammar and reading comprehension, a minute writing section, and an oral interview with the Korean program faculty. There are many situations where we need to give constructive feedback and we want the receiver to take62 answers.

Pick a quiet space. Most business meetings, presentations and pitches are being forced on-line, and unfortunately, the quality bar is pretty low. Each examination will be scheduled for 18 sie Oral exams may be as old as academia itself, but they are now rare in other and 2 to have an assessment that is resistant to cheating.

More Info Request Integration with. The information below is to assist users of this software. Zoom cheat sheet for beginners. As we've seen, Moodle quiz engine is a powerful, flexible tool for monitoring and diagnosing student performance with certain types of knowledge. In addition, we. From here, we need to select the corresponding display number that you have Zoom currently displaying on. Python and R cheat sheets for machine learning algorithms.

Oral finals and frequent low-stakes assessments are just a few alternatives to in-person exams that Jenny Quinn uses to ensure student learning and success. Online evaluation for descriptive questions. An oral examination for math, WTF? Can you cheat on Zoom You could include an oral exam component where students explain their work for a particular problem. Study anytime, anywhere. Maintain a clear channel of communication for students to ask instructors and TAs questions during the exam.

Just like traditional exams, it has some loopholes 5 maj All online oral exams take place on Zoom. This video covers a basic analysis of how people cheat in online exams. At each shift, a. If you schedule a new meeting, a link to the Zoom room will be created you can also use your personal meeting ID. Notes: You will not see a presence status for external contacts if their admin disabled presence status from displaying to external contracts.

Zoom features a tool called Virtual Backgrounds. Zoom recently turned on a bunch of privacy-related settings by default. Customized tests allow employers to assess potential employees in MS Office programs, typing, IT, and other job-related skill sets. A dog is smaller than a mouse. You might be able to take a picture of the exam questions on your computer with a camera and then text or email the pictures to a tutor. Yes you can cheat on a honor lock exam. If your attendees are joining via a meeting link web address and have a Zoom account there is no Facebook Messenger rolls out encryption to everyone: How to enable it in chats By Maggie TillmanWrite Entrance Exam Live.

This is because cheating in Zoom exams is easy as there is no proctor. The topics are split into 21 categories, so you will surely be able to find the topics you're looking for in mere minutes. A mom in Jacksonville, Fla. Whether online or offline, the most reliable way to assess students' knowledge and abilities is an interview-style exam.

Zoom users have the ability to record meetings to a Cloud or their computers so that important points and discussions are always on file. Choose the NDI button from the top. Online video chat offers a world of possibilities — how to take advantage of them is down to you. After so many chapters, I honestly still can't feel the deep connection between these two characters besides the physical part. But not in the way you think. The 27 wrz Is cheating in online exams easy as the students perceive it to be?

No, but it's possible. To toggle the clock overlay, click the clock icon. Using the same user interface as our global test centers, the ProProctor platform ensures a user-friendly test-taking experience. Examples include: Copying from another student during an examination or allowing another to copy your work. Accuracy and Fluency.

Zoom Product Support. Downloadable Full-Length Practice Tests. One of those is the waiting room , which requires you to admit each attendee individually. It is designed to be administered in conjunction with, or as follow-up to, speech sound testing. Intermediate-Advanced Activities Relay Talk One-on-One Communication This activity gives students practice expressing themselves orally in unstructured discourse.

Good luck! If you don't hear the ringtone, use the drop-down menu or click No to switch speakers until you hear the ringtone. I mean, it started from an obscure fascination of Matthew for Jin and nothing else really. But this can be easily put to check with the help of secure exam browsers. It can be used with any academic topic or with classroom situations the teacher creates.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the option of sitting in a test centre will not be available. Students might perceive a lack of consequences for cheating and plagiarizing. During an on-site test, the professor is generally accessible to the students for questions. For that, open video settings in Zoom, as Interview prep is an essential part of the job-search process. After oral practice, have students write the sentences they created with help as needed. Start Troubleshooting.

Private oral exam guide : the comprehensive guide to prepare you for the FAA oral exam. From free practice tests to a checklist of what to bring on test day, College Board provides everything you need to prepare. Find out what you need to know about setting a password for your video call on Zoom. The check-in time is approximately 45 minutes prior to the exam start time. Her and her friends will immediately leave the area sinceOral exam on zoom, how can I cheat on that? Click the Save button.

Your student will join the meeting by clicking on the link. GMA News. Take the test and get your level immediately by email. To change the angle, click anywhere in the clock or drag the needle. Highly customizable exam platform. Hold air for 5 seconds. Can online proctoring 3 dni temu Lecturers are encouraged to organize oral exams online.

Point the mouse at the border of the Title placeholder box so that the pointer becomes a four-headed move pointer. Prepare Yourself. Our Cheat Sheet Series is the place for everything you want to know at a moment's notice: full of PDFs Choosing the best Learning Management System for your training needs can take a lot of time to research, especially. Students access Google Meet or Zoom Meeting, turn on cameras, have student card 2 maj my daughter's math final was converted to an oral exam due to the department's fear about cheating.

Creative users figured out how to spice up their calls by changing their backgrounds. If you are muted, click Unmute myself in the window that appears. It is best used as a deterrent to Zoom offers a variety of features that allow one to use Zoom as a classroom. Dress in a soft solid color like a black robe for judges. Responding to Persona 5 test answers are perhaps the most realistic part of the game, where teachers will put you on the spot in class with a quick fire academic brainteaser, or have you sit through days of exams every couple of months.

Another way people cheat is with text messages. Once your guests have joined your Zoom meeting, we can now add them into vMix. Features of the virtual Oral Exam: Answer 1 of 2 : Take help from your brother or sister. Before we embark on the topics, below are some of the characteristics of good microeconomic paper topics: They should be of an empirical This next section tells about the patients current health- blood pressure reading, extra and intra oral exam findings, which radiographs were exposed and findings based on them, any mobility or furcations, any symptoms to in office testing like percussion or cold tests, gingival descriptions, and a brief description of periodontal probing findings.

Definitions of Academic Dishonesty. All our topics are original and have been created by our veteran writers and editors. View the Zoom link in Course Navigation. Find Test Answers Search for test and quiz questions and answers. Students should practice academic honesty. Test takers can access guides and demo videos to learn what to expect on the exam day and prepare themselves in advance. There is nothing else we can do. The first are students that cheat whenever they can because they don't want to workTest or scenario question.

Form an answer in your mind. Formal English is used in important business letters and situations. Using this tool effectively can boost your course's effectiveness, and promote student performance. In the To: drop-down menu, select Everyone in Meeting. Student Submissions. Physical infidelity within a monogamous, long-term partnership is fairly clear-cut: You hooked up with a person who isn't your partner while A spelling test is an evaluation of a student's ability to spell words correctly.

Walk up to the hottest girl in the bar and hit on her. Oral exam on zoom, how can I cheat on that? In the list of course navigation menu options, select the Zoom option. Cheating at online classes: If your class is one of those that are entirely online -- even the exams! First-time users of Zoom. Pace yourself. If, during the exam, you or a TF cannot adequately see a student work area, ask the student to reposition their camera.

The hack went viral on TikTok. These Zoom interview tips can help you master this video software and show employers you're a qualified candidate: Use the mute button. That being said, it's impossible for the professor to make any foolproof system, except perhaps one-on-one oral exams, which for very large classes is not 4 maj The digital platform for the digital oral exam will be either: Skype for Business,; Microsoft Teams,; Zoom, or SDU recommeds that you 6 kwi Performing virtual mock oral examinations for vascular surgery trainees is Virtual MOEs were administered in June of via Zoom.

Cheating is the attempted or unauthorized use of materials, information, notes, study aids, devices or communication during an academic exercise. We know for a fact some students have cheated on oral exams Using Zoom for Oral Exams. The exam was developed and is administered by the testing company, Education Testing Services. Founded in , the eSkill Corporation provides web-based skill testing for employee hiring and training.

To begin recording, click …More in the Zoom control bar at the top of the screen. Oral exams An oral examination is an assessment conducted through speech. Don't get stuck on hard questions. This is a thorough examination of a child's oral structures and functions that are necessary for speech production.

Create an icebreaker and get the interaction started. By looking at example Walmart interview questions and answers, you can make sure your responses are on target. To earn the marks assigned, you need to answer questions correctly both on written and oral 3. This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents. Zoom has become the go-to video platform for remote calls, online classes, and social distancing parties.

Seamlessly connect Extempore with your LMS to streamline assignments, scoring, and feedback. This requires more TA support, buffer time to make sure all students are settled in the Zoom Meeting room before starting the exam and a dry run with students and TAs to flag potential issues before the exam day October 22, Example Domain. Zoom lets you record your web conferencing calls as videos, a handy feature for sharing the meeting with people who may have missed it or for reviewing what was said.

Step by step directions for parents using a phone, tablet or iPad, as well as instructions for parents using a computer to connect are both included. It would help if you, therefore, weighed your options before deciding to engage in this act. To create a concrete record of the exam for your own review, you can use the recording function in your video conferencing tool.

You can log in to the exam room minutes prior to your scheduled time, if you want. It supports one-on-one calls, as well as group meetings that can hold up to You might be able to take a picture of the exam questions on your computer with a camera and then text or email the pictures to a tutor. See Driving test: What to expect for Wife returns to find her husband having an affair with her sister Karelasyon. Spelling tests are usually given in school during language arts classes to see how well students have learned the most recent spelling lessons.

Prior to the exam, your instructor may ask to check your workspace. We will be covering how to use Cheat Engine to freeze your HP at a ridiculously high number to avoid one shot damage even with 3 boss cells injected as well as how to reset the timer. The name and address of the person being deposed if know. Good Luck! Questions and Answers. Any type of communication with other students during the exam will be interpreted as cheating, and the students will be removed from the exam.

Fairy-tales come from oral storytelling tradition but fairy-tales have been written down on paper by many authors. Wapp For Online earning Laptop, tablet or smartphone, preferably with a web camera b. Maintain a positive attitude. I thought about putting the Word document on the screen but I'm afraid that's too obvious. Sign up for your weekly dose of feel-good entertainment and movie content!

Socrative10 celebrities who admitted to cheating on their partners. Melissa entrusted her daughter and her husband to her sister Linda so she could work in the city and provide for their needs. Cheating in tests is becoming more sophisticated. Studying for the AWS exam? Put your ACLS skills to the test with these timed megacode scenarios. With OmeTV video chat you can strike up a conversation with strangers, meet interesting people, and create new friendships. After commencement of the action, any party may take the testimony of any person, including a party, by deposition upon oral examination.

View the HSC languages oral exam timetable. Although the majority of scholarship on oral exams has been conducted outside. Zoom is a tool available to all faculty, students, and staff at IU. I know it's tuff out there so here's what to do. The exam is an online oral exam. Puff up cheeks. Posted by 2 years ago. Any tips? These would be given to students over Zoom if they had failed to submit an exam in the prior three You must log in to Zoom through the link in Wiseflow at least 45 minutes before before your exam starts just as if you were at an ordinary oral exam.

Some students are better than others at the format of exams. Or simply ask students to record a brief spoken-word explanation of their answers to two questions and return the recordings after the exam.

Click the Options icon and select the Enable option. Viva Exam Teachmint. This test is multiple-choice. The candidate may propose an argument and then provide evidence to prove or disprove it, while the examiner is allowed to discuss, debate and ask further questions. It is best used as a deterrent to Nano-sized, non-wired devices such as Bluetooth earpieces and practically undetectable microphones are standard accessories to undertake online exam cheating.

If the oral exam is to be recorded, the teacher will request your consent 12 sie Keywords: oral assessment; oral examination; mathematics; beliefs; culture auditorium or on video conferencing services like Zoom. Record the call as a video. The Old-School Try. Phoebe Kim I am thinking about using oral exams for impossible to cheat.

Read all the answers. We have added feature where user opening any other window apart from exam window is prevented. ILPT Request. But when she returns, she finds out Browse more videos. For Business use Register here to Create Tests. For the Deposition to be proper, make sure that: 1. The hack involves turning off your video, and renaming yourself to 'Reconnecting,' so it appears as if you're having Internet issues.

The room is open between Tuesday at and Thursday at , so you can also test the connection outside the scheduled exams in this period if you want. CooMeet is a premium video chat application that will forever change the way you think about online communication. You look up MICU panel, and it says gold tube - you're in good shape. For when you don't know or can't remember a specific word.

Probably the most common reason people fail the pre-trip is because they are nervous. This process is automatic and only needs to be done once. The test must demonstrate that the candidate has the knowledge and skills to assist in the classroom with reading, writing, and mathematics instruction.

These exam methods use real-life proctorers over Zoom , software that detects and flags suspicious behavior like Proctorio or a mixture of both. For instance, deficits in neuromuscular Protect Test Integrity Examity is the world's leading solution for learning validation.

Worried about your programming exam? The Key Components - History, Examination, and Medical Decision Making - must be considered in determining the appropriate code level of service to be assigned for a given visit. According to the U. The video has been shared by a user who goes by the name Sageenoreika.

Volda University College uses the Zoom video tool to conduct oral exams without Cheating on the exam may result in the cancellation of the exam, 5 maj One of the most common types of cheating in online exams is copying and pasting the answers.

Minimize opportunities for cheating in tests and 8 gru Spanish teacher and World Language Department Chair Janet Tennyson has given her students three tests, a written exam and an oral exam this 18 sty take-home exams, delaying exams to a future date, or open-book exam with available faculty over an NYU Zoom call.

Find the right cards easily. But this is tedious for large classes and checks only a small aspect of his or her learning. To be eligible for general registration as a pharmacist in Australia, 26 cze Learn about the most effective tricks on how to cheat on the exam. Then blow out. Typical speaking tasks. Search from over million flashcards to find decks most relevant to your courses. That is, students will have to keep Zoom running while they take their exam.

To experience a hunch that an affair is still going on may be even worse. This is often conducted as a follow-up to project work, as with a traditional jury or thesis defence. Patterson has introduced a new logo for its vast line of products and services and this is reflected inDon't know what a lab test includes or what color tube it needs? Features of the virtual Oral Exam: Exhibit Some season 2 cheats can only be used in season 2 Next part of this guide.

They can either share the test with other test takers or ask them for the answers. The "C" and "D" students may or may not complete the exam. These proven test techniques will increase your score and lower your stress!. Tiger Woods held a press conference to how to cheat on zoom oral exam. Each CSC has different days and times they administer the oral tests. Vimeo for Zoom.

You have used Zoom recently. Cardiovascular Exam. The Zoom desktop client and mobile app use the following presence status icons beside internal and external users. Easy to Use Interface. Before your test starts flip the louvers. There are no annoying contracts and no commitments. Zoom will begin a video conference session. Find a local community college or university willing to proctor the test. Stoyanov added that stress levels are very high on campus and that students may feel pressured to cheat.

Despite advances in online learning, some aspiring cheaters still prefer taking a more traditional route to getting caught. Just tap the Record button at the bottom of your screen and click where you want to save the video. Play the victim: This requires you to give valid reasons why you had to cheat at all costs. Some even use other external smart devices that are easy to conceal and challenging to detect. Select Remove at the bottom of the list of options to dismiss the attendee.

For when your language partner says something you don't understand. If the host has enabled private chat, participants can communicate with each other privately in the meeting. Directions: You have five minutes to complete this test. And I have very unfortunate news for you. Need to check your cheat sheet, drink down your coke. Posted by 9 hours ago. If you don't hear an audio reply, Secure browser for anti-cheat exams. Everyone is using Zoom at the moment. This includes how to type formulas in physics using special symbols correctly.

While that's a welcome change, it also poses the problem of random drawings being scribbled during a In this post, we shall tell you how to figure out who is scribbling on the shared screen while using Zoom on the computer and mobile.

Relax—a cheat sheet is not really cheating. You will have to be creative to achieve this, especially for a hard-to-please lecturer. Select the Add Input button from the bottom left corner. The Witness is under subpoena. In Course Navigation, click the Settings link. The following Proctorio options allow you to record the student's webcam video, microphone, web browser and testing environment during the exam.

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The Walk focuses on tuning into each sense individually, but not because they are internalized separately. I asked Walk participants to consider the senses individually in order to reinforce in them a state of presentness, which is addressed in more detail below. The practice of walking is experiential, causing sensations to reverberate with each other within the body. Sensations experienced by the body are informed by memories of those previously perceived, in addition to intermingling with them.

Steven Feld describes the relationship between perception, memory and the senses, by referring to Henri Bergson: Sensation, sensual presence, is still more, more than embodiment, more than perceptual figure-grounds, more than the potential for synesthesia. Walk participants experience new sensations that intermingle with memories of other landscapes.

Through this process, the new perceptions can create in them an attachment to the landscape they are exploring for the first time, or in a new way. I begin the Walks by describing to the participants how I practice sensory exploration, highlighting presentness and attentiveness. The participants are then sent forth to practice their perceptive skills. She notes that 26 Fig. The Walk invites the public into the landscape, to experience it through emplacement. Participants may already be familiar with parts of the Port Lands, but the Walk offers them a new way to observe it: slowly and with intention.

The practice of walking leads to emplacement, and knowledge of a place. Movement and attentiveness sensitize walking practitioners to their own interactions with and observations of the landscape. Through these actions and their embodied positionality they form their own opinions of and take a position on its future. The Walk connects participants to the landscape through a multisensory practice that creates a subjective attachment to it.

Landscape Urbanism, and Human and Cultural Geography Walking practices draw inspiration from a wide range of landscape studies. My walking practice is informed by landscape urbanism, a hybrid discipline of landscape architecture, urban planning and ecology, and human 28 and cultural geography.

These disciplines probe human intervention in and interactions with the landscape, reflecting contemporary attitudes toward the environment that promote the position that humans are a part of the environment rather than above and in control of it. Barad describes agency as relational and entangled, making it difficult to separate nature from culture, for example, noting that they are not oppositional.

The decision to ensure that all three agents are featured at each vantage point was informed in part by the hybrid discipline of landscape urbanism. These changes include the shifting odours, sounds and sights produced by flora and fauna, people and vehicles that move through this landscape. They reveal its rhythms. Rhythm is dynamic, changing over time. Our own bodily rhythms interact with those found in the landscape we engage with. Edensor refers to Lefebvre in his discussion of the temporal nature of rhythms and the dynamics of place.

The attentive multisensory Walk engages participants in a new way of practicing landscape as they become part of its rhythmic flow. Here we return to the problematic dominance of the visual in landscape studies, as introduced in the section above.

Human geographer Gunhild Setten is concerned with the emphasis on the visual and the avoidance of practice in geography. Place is not static. Some of its elements are fluid, even transient, like smells and sounds. This fluidity means that walking Fig. Walking practitioners travel through a landscape on a path of discovery, rather than travelling through it to reach a destination in a less conscious state.

Attentiveness increases awareness of the changes that occur from one visit to another. Walking artists embody the landscape, as revealed in the following section. Art Walking Case Studies Art walking is a way of practicing landscape through emplacement.

I discovered this for myself during my immersion in the Port Lands. I began this thesis project with the intention of creating a gallery installation, but my practice evolved over the course of my embodied investigation of the Port Lands and the direction changed.

It became evident that my usual landscape wanderings were taking on a new importance: I was going to use the project to advocate for this place. I would invite people to the Port Lands to experience it for themselves along with me in an effort to foster an appreciation for its strange beauty. To that end it was useful to investigate artists whose walking practices focus on the senses to develop connection to place, and those whose public walks have an advocacy role.

I also link their practices to the literature discussed above. My investigation began with renowned walking artist Hamish Fulton who established his practice in the late s. The fundamental lessons were that he views his walking practice as idea-based, and that he considers his group walks as artwork, rather than creating a tangible object or installation from the experience.

Fulton is known for his endurance walks; he often walks alone. His recent works have become more political, and are more likely to involve the 33 public. His walks generally take place outdoors, but one iteration of Slowalk occurred inside the Tate Modern. It was performed in support of Ai WeiWei and freedom of expression. Viewing art is experiential.

The public art walk is an experience created by the act of engaging with the landscape. Art walking projects often ask participants to attend to a specific sense they experience en route. English directs participants by GPS coordinates to locations at which they are instructed to attend to the local soundscape. His walks connect the listener to experiences they may not have had on their own. Sissel Tolaas uses her multi-disciplinary art practice to investigate place making by asking participants to tune into the smell sense.

I am most interested in the affect of her smell walks on the participants and the importance of community involvement. A walking practice stimulates the senses, as Sarah Pink, et al. Public art walks are events that can stimulate public discussion about, and lead to influencing civic planning issues. Pink, et al. These methods create connections between the public and the landscape they investigate.

Artists, geographers and landscape urbanists believe that one best learns a landscape through attentive embodied practices. Each looks at landscape through a different lens, but is interested in how the other disciplines can lead to further discoveries within their own. It developed into the Walk as I built upon the common connections I found in the three disciplines addressed in this section.

These actions can create a sense of community that might influence the direction of the reconstruction of the Port Lands. I considered creating site-specific sculptural works made from materials found on location, and sought out sites and materials on my first forays to the Port Lands. My intention was to create a work that would compel people to experience the feral landscape in person. How would I compel the public to explore the landscape in the way that I do?

I had become invested in the Port Lands, and I wanted to advocate for its continued industrial, recreational and natural feral character. My investigations led to the realization that I would have to lead by example. Creating conditions necessary to summon the public to experience the sensations inherent to this landscape led to the development of the Port Lands Sensory Walk. The Walk would invite people into the landscape to experience, or practice it, for themselves.

For those already familiar with the Port Lands, I intended to re-introduce them to it by facilitating a new method of exploring it. It includes a variety of observational opportunities that alternate between busy streetscapes and hidden clearings in 38 Fig. The Walk offers participants a variety of observational opportunities that are punctuated by the five vantage points.

Each of these vantage points offers a unique mix of recreational, industrial and natural elements. Here the participants can observe the diversity that the Port Lands district offers. The following description elaborates on the walk as experienced during the month of September The Walk begins at the Cherry St. Before the group explores this vantage point, I relate the story of how I developed my own attachment to the troubled Port Lands landscape. I describe my walking practice as that of attentive exploration, emphasizing the importance of being alert to sounds, sights, smells, tastes and touch sensations.

I encourage the participants to engage with the landscape, directing them to move about slowly and tune into the individual sensations they experience. This attentive state of exploration enhances the sensual experience beyond that of the typical, non-focused state. Each site offers a different assortment of these elements.

I selected the Martin Goodman Trail as the main path, skirting the sidewalk-less roads in an effort to make the Walk accessible to a broad range of participants. It provides a safe path that eliminates the need to cut across busy roads. The Walk route is mapped on two information signs installed in busy parking areas to attract the attention of passersby. The five Walk vantage points are each marked by a flag.

These wayfinding mechanisms are reminiscent of Fig. Similarly, the flags mark the vantage points where participants are to interpret the surroundings for themselves, rather than Fig. The first vantage point is located at the southeast corner of the lower bascule, or lift-bridge, on Cherry Street.

Visual observations include the bridge, the shipping channel, Porter planes, ships and boats, roads, salt pyramids topped with seagulls, a car lot, hydro generating stations, dense trees, privately owned recreational facilities, the Toronto Islands, and Toronto Harbour. Sounds are generated by traffic, propeller planes, go karts, bicycles and rollerblades, cottonwood leaves, and passing conversations.

Typical smell sensations include marine and traffic odours, grass and garbage. Somatosensory, or touch sensations, are created by weather conditions, and can be experienced by feeling pavement, concrete, chain link fence, the flaking metal of the bridge, grass and leaves. The flat view is bookended by the broad sides of salt stores and a berm hiding the fields from the naturalized area to the south. Other sights include landscaped native plants and trees, planes, a parking lot, soccer fields and players, the playground, Pan Am Games construction, and a portable toilet.

The latter overwhelms the smell sense. Odours emanate from traffic, trees and grass, and wood chips. Cheering and shouts punctuate the dominating traffic and plane sounds. We feel leaves, rough bark, pavement, concrete, playground equipment and the rubberized ground below, benches, metal fences and bicycle rings, and compare real and artificial turf, both underfoot and in hand. The Walk proceeds to Regatta Road, south to the Trail, and then eastbound through a naturalized area.

It passes small sailing clubs and dense flora interspersed with young planted native trees marked by paper streamers. To find the third vantage point, participants watch for the dominating Hearn Generating Station. The Trail curves close to the road, offering a close up view of the towering stack, and the third marker. Here the Walk makes a sharp right turn off the Trail to the clearing where the original marker was situated.

It was stolen within the first two weeks, likely by the people who party there at night. I positioned the replacement closer to the 42 Fig. Smells come from wildflowers, natural gas, dirt, crushed grass, the lake, the marina, wood, old campfires and the sewage treatment plant. The soundscape is a blend of traffic, airplanes, lapping water, birds, insects, rustling leaves, bicycles, distant conversation, and construction. Possible taste sensations include wild rosehips and apples.

The fourth vantage point is located a short distance to the east, reached by walking a trail under sumac trees and past cement blocks before rejoining the Fig. The marker is located on top of the knoll, offering a higher vantage point of the PEC building and stacks, the Hearn, planes, the dragonboat club, anti-beaver fences, unkempt green space, fishing fanatics, cyclists, a sharp turn in the road, chain link fence with cutout animal holes, and an expanse of grassland, wildflowers, bushes and trees.

The sights of waiting vehicles and a solar powered traffic light no longer prevail since the Cherry Street bridge was reopened in mid-September after being closed for repair in November Sounds include airplanes, traffic, braking, gear changing, cyclists, wind, crickets and wasps, birds, and conversations. Touch senses are stimulated by weather, groomed grass, the ground underfoot, and leaves and branches.

Exhaust intermittently dominates Fig. The fifth marker is located on Leslie Street north of Unwin Avenue. Following the trail around the bend past fields and a mound of reclaimed concrete, and past the gates to Tommy Thompson Park, the walk turns north and terminates under the large tree beside the allotment gardens. Satellite dishes, planes, gravel trucks, sprinklers watering roads and sand piles, a new silo with portable toilets perched on top, well-tended allotments gardens backed by a berm, a curve of trembling poplars, weekday dump trucks and weekend recreational users.

The soundscape is dominated by traffic and construction, interrupted by airplanes, the voices of gardeners, cyclists and pedestrians, insects, birds, slamming car doors, and sprinklers. Touch sensations include grass, fruit bushes and vines trailing from the gardens, pavement, concrete, gravel dust, and fence metal. Smells come from rank sewage, grass and garden flowers, and char broil.

This vantage point stimulates taste sensations with thick dust and hot dogs. Public Interfaces There are two public interfaces I designed, installed and implemented to promote the Walk: onsite signage which is discussed first, and the website described thereafter. I wanted the Walk to be a sanctioned event, so I approached the ward 30 councillor Paula Fletcher, to seek her assistance in getting this project off the ground, and also, literally, in the ground.

Civic machinery moves slowly, so I pressed on, contacting the parks department directly to solicit their approval to install signs and flags on park property. Stuart Slessor, supervisor for the eastern waterfront, was hard to reach in the busy spring season, but persistence awarded me with approval in late July.

Their design is simple and colourful, with eye-catching graphics whose colours were sampled directly from my Port Lands photographs. The signs introduce the Walk project, and feature a scale map outlining the route and its diversions from the Martin Goodman Trail. The embedded photographs feature views seen from the vantage points and sign locations.

I installed a flag at each vantage point. The colourful graphic features elements representing the three Port Lands agents: a stack for industry, a bicycle wheel for recreation, and a wave for nature. The fourth element is a series of concentric rings that represents sensory reverberations.

I selected the sign and flag materials for their aesthetic quality, visibility, and durability. There are few eco-friendly outdoor printing material options, and those available were out of reach of my limited budget. The three-foot by five-foot information signs were printed on outdoor vinyl, and adhered to thin aluminum panels. They are mounted on two four-inch square posts inset in the ground on three-foot spikes.

I arranged utility locates before installation, to avoid puncturing gas, hydro and phone lines. The flags were commercially printed on styrene. They are relatively inexpensive to replace in case of vandalism or theft. They are mounted on six- foot aluminum flagpoles staked into the ground on eighteen-inch long spikes.

I disguised the temporary nature of the flags by placing a heavy brake drum, or a tapered steel cylinder around each base. These objects signify the Port Lands industrial presence, the brake drums symbolizing industrial traffic, the cylinders reminiscent of the dominating Port Lands stacks. Despite my efforts, I had to replace the flag across from the Hearn stack, because the original was stolen.

The website portlandswalk. The efficacy of embodied walking art practice is the emplaced knowledge of the landscape produced in the artist by becoming a part of it over several seasons, and interconnecting with its temporal rhythms. The walking practice moves beyond focusing on the visual as emphasized in the literature above, and incorporates all the senses.

Another aspect of this walking art practice is that other disciplines can look at the success of emplying embodied, multisensory exploration of a landscape and adopt it in their own practices. The role of the artist in the public walk is to guide the participants from diverse backgrounds on a path of embodied discovery that reflects her own experiential explorations of the landscape. The public walks with the artist and shares Fig. A sense of community develops as the participants become co-researchers, discussing their discoveries and sharing their knowledge of the landscape.

The walking artist has gained deep knowledge of the landscape through embodied experience informed by landscape disciplines including art, human and cultural geography, and landscape urbanism. The scope of the advocacy role grows as the artist takes the practice into the public realm, in the form of public walks, and by reaching out to civic and industry leaders invested in the landscape. Forty-eight participants attended the four walks I led in September.

Thirty-four participants responded to the questionnaire. Seven respondents were first time visitors. They indicated a desire to return again, to visit Cherry Beach and wander the naturalized areas; two will join the windsurfing club. Fourteen of those familiar with the Port Lands declared they had made new sensual experiences while exploring the landscape.

The Walk introduced them to new sites like the sports fields, outside the areas they typically target,. Everyone enjoyed the spongey feel of the playground, though there were mixed feelings about the artificial turf. The responding participants were keen to relate their new appreciation 49 for the Port Lands. They would serve to educate and enhance the experience of Toronto residents and visitors. I intend to keep focused attention on the district by inviting the public to participate in the attentive walking experience of The Port Lands Sensory Walk.

The power of sharing a walking practice with the public can create new relationships in the participants to the landscape, as has been proven with this interdisciplinary project. I intend to continue disseminating the knowledge I have gained by leading walks that introduce the Port Lands to a broader public, and reaching out to industry leaders. Through these actions I am advocating for community members to shape it into a functional, inclusive and increasingly healthy ecosystem by improving on the relationships between the co-existing recreational, natural and industrial forces.

I intend to promote and engage greater public participation and community awareness through the website and promotional materials that will be disseminated through social media. I will also align the Walk with established public events as a way of increasing its public profile. The PEC has invited the Walk to participate in its Doors Open event, an opportunity to connect with hundreds of people who visit that day.

I am also attending PEC sustainability committee meetings and becoming involved in their community outreach efforts to encourage the development of ecosystem nodes at industrial properties along Unwin Avenue and Leslie Street. I am also becoming active in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and intend to volunteer at the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

The Port Lands community includes the corporations that have political impact on its future development. I will continue to connect with Councillor Paula Fletcher. This interdisciplinary art project began with the multisensory investigation of the landscape through mapping and documenting with photography; collecting; field note taking; archival research; interviewing key players and 52 leading the public on experiential walks.

My walking art practice is becoming increasingly political, successfully building on notions of interconnectedness and emplacement. This Walk demonstrates how a public with a walking practice can use methods of multisensory investigation to advocate for a dynamic feral landscape.

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How did you find out about the Walk? Did you walk, bike or rollerblade the route? Did you visit all five sites? If not, how many did you visit? How much time did you spend at each location? What sights, sounds, tactile sensations and smells did you experience today? Has the Walk changed the way you feel about, or your attachment to the Port Lands? If yes, please explain. This district is slowly being revitalized: What would you like to see happen here? Barren, partially remediated, fenced, blisteringly hot.

Odd mix of industrial land, abandoned yet groomed or just abandoned, boating mixed with hulking power plants and mysterious bays that are home to huge carp and apparently pickerel, at least according to the fireman and his wobbly wife. Then there are the dragonboats. What is the importance of my movement through the space? Changes have already happened [since my initial visits] right next to the Hearn - the wall is growing and now there are piles of tires, a couple of tractor trailers and a portable toilet.

The crowning touch. Steamy but not grossly hot. This week there was more stuff and signs of activity. Oh yeah, and there were some bleachers, but the crappiest old wooden things 59 something my high school would have discarded decades earlier. Dusty, hot, humid. So were the side streets. The Night Market was a crush of people and food stands. Overwhelmingly packed and smoky from all the charcoal grills: deep, narrow, vented at bottom.

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The Software is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The Software is licensed, not sold. The capitalized terms used in this EULA are defined as follows: "Updates" means all subsequent public releases of software including public beta releases, maintenance releases, error corrections, upgrades, enhancements, additions, improvements, extensions, modifications and successor versions.

Limitations on Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, and Disassembly. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, and disassemble the Software, including the protocols associated with the Software, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

No Alterations. You may not alter any component of the Software, including without limitation the runtime environment, including without limitation the registry settings. You may not transfer your rights under this EULA to any third parties. You may not rent, lease, or lend the Software.

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