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Ethereum is the most popular altcoin. Here's what experts and crypto insiders predict will happen to its price in Proof-of-stake (PoS) | make money online fast reddit. datatime: Author:tJDExxZi. "Severian. It won't help, Chatelaine. Q: Are economists being consulted to help decide the issuance rate of a full POS system? Stated more broadly, who is helping/advising the ETH team on. INVESTING INTO STORES SKYRIM FORUMS

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Especially if you consider the current crypto crash and plummeting prices of major tokens. Mining is one of the most popular ways to make money with crypto. Holding and staking have become quite popular and profitable. Even despite the fact that mining has been steadily becoming less and less profitable, new miners continue to arrive.

They are looking for new options to reduce electricity costs, using more advanced equipment etc. Bitcoin mining has become an elite business, requiring enormous investment, but Ethereum mining is still available even if you own nothing more than just a gaming GPU. Now that Ethereum switch to Proof-of-Stake PoS is postponed once again miners can rejoice and just keep mining. But not for long. The Merge is planned for Autumn.

Miners are actively thinking about what to mine after Ethereum starts to use PoS. Will mining still exist after Ethereum 2. Apart from bitcoin, these are coins such as Ravencoin, Firo, Cortex etc. As of April none of other PoW cryptocurrencies can compete with Ethereum in terms of profits.

But the main hope here is that after Ethereum mining is over other coins will start to rise. This a controversial prediction, of course. Many experts point out that huge mining capacities, freed after Ethereum quits, might be too huge for other coins. This means that the overall mining capacity will be much bigger than other coins really need, that it will drop mining difficulty to such a low level that the profits will fall dramatically.

Still there is a chance that some of those coins will become more prominent and scalable as a result of growing mining capacities. That will inevitably lead to their prices growing. The downtrend can already be seen in the last 6-months. However, there is also a positive side to all this. It is the energy usage of Ethereum. So, regulators can no longer complain about it impacting the environment.

Where does it leave the market at present? Well, the case is completely opposite. Even though a developer of Ethereum, Tim Beiko, has advised miners not to invest in any hardware, they are not listening. Due to the dropping prices of GPUs, many of them are expanding their operations as Ethereum mining continues to be more profitable than anything else. The company builds pools of small miners to mine ETH.

The investments of miners who are buying new hardware right now could be fruitful only if the merge gets delayed. What happens after the merge completes? One of the most obvious changes will be miners not making as much money as they did with ETH. Since Ethereum mining uses graphic cards rather than any specialized hardware, the same can be used for other purposes.

The easiest route would be to find the next best coin to mine. A year-old college graduate, Aaron Petzold, who is also an ETH miner, plans to use his hardware for digital video production.

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Ethereum PoS - Who is Storing TERABYTES of Data?

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