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Boycie marlene betting shop vouchers

boycie marlene betting shop vouchers

Boycie and Denzil see Trigger coming and try to hide behind their newspapers. Del and Rodney enter. Greetings are exchanged as Del and Rodney move to the bar. the Trotter brothers agree to look after Boycie and Marlene's 'puppy', after making a rash bet with Mickey Pearce, and in 'As One Door Closes'. says Sue Holderness, 59, who plays Boycie's tacky wife Marlene. "We were shopping in Tesco together, I think it was somewhere like Hull. FOOTBALL BETTING THROWN

Boycie's Showroom Assistant: Mr Boyce. Telephone call for you. Oi've got two customers 'ere interested in one of my bangers. Assistant: It's about a diamond-smuggling racket. Boycie goes to urgently shoot off to his office but remembers the two customers Boycie: Ah yes, it's about the new Rover Diamond Smuggling Racket. It's in the development stages. Do excuse me, Mr Massiveknob. Boycie's Office Boycie on phone : Righ'o, Del.

The combination is 1, 1, 1. Del fiddles with the roll locks. The heavy nods at Van Cleef to indicate it's fine. Abdul's cousin puts on a welder's mask and scrutinises the diamonds Abdul's Cousin: I can attest to these diamonds' quality - ffffuckin' top notch, son. Here is your diamond-filled velvet pouch with a drawstring. Del: Thank you. Exits, to heavy Gullit!

Police Station Slater: Okay 'oskins, get your coat ready. Del Boy is our man. We're going to wait for him at Gatwick Airport. Get a car round. Parker OOV : Yus, m'lady. Slater: Now 'oskins, I am going to teach you the importance of airport surveillance. Suspect and try to arrest everyone! Blend in with the crowd so you don't look conspicuous. Carry on, sir. Slater: I look like a holiday-maker. Gives 'oskins a sneer of disapproval We're gonna have to sort you out, 'oskins. You look like a right CUNT!

He said he'd be here A loud exhaust bang is heard, a rumbling noise of a bald tyre and a rusty, shrill opening sound of the doors' hinges Adbul: They're here. Del enters Del: Here are the diamonds. I've been to Hulland then back to England! Where's the doo-ray-juicy-mee? Boycie: It's here. Throws a mass of Ribena on the table Slater, still wearing his tourist clothing, kicks off the door Slater: G'day, skip. They all run around a table and twice try to exit, which is blocked each way by Parker and Hoskins Slater: Cor, you're fuckin' malodorous!

Albert: So would you if you spent 4 months sailing. Slater: Oh, you came in by boat. Who is this bearded turd? No, don't tell me - you're a Trotter. Albert: Oi'm the boys' Uncle. Slater: Yeah, I thought as much, the bald head and white beard - big giveaway.

Albert: Joorin doh wor Slater: Parker, 'oskins, shut the doors on your way out. To the smuggler crew Dear, dear, dear, what am I to do? I don't wanna nick me old school mates. Boycie: Leave off, Roy. We were never your mates. Everyone gives Boycie a dumbfounded expression as a way of saying 'what'd you say that for? In normal speaking tone This makes it all the more easier to make a decision. Del: Now just a minute, Ruh I've got a deal that'll sort this shit out. Slater: I don't do dels, Deal Boy.

Del: Well you're gonna like this one. I-if I give you the name of the bloke who developed this diamond-smuggling venture with Van Cleef, you let Boycie, Abdul, Albert and Rodney go - no charges. Slater: Yeah, alright. Del: You also let me go. Slater In cod Aussie : Aw cahm orn, Del, maite. Ar'm looking forward to that. Del: I don't think you understand, Mr Slater Slater: Oh! Del Boy! That is musical ears. Righto Del, here's an immunity from prosection Del signs So come on, who started up the diamond-smuggling lark with the Dutchman?

Del Turns and shows everyone his terrified expression then back to Slater : You did! Slater Smiles for a second and looks horrified and defeated : Oh, ffffuckin' 'ell! You tricked me again with that one. This is like bedtime. Albert: What, you've been 'tucked up'? Slater: No, I've pissed myself!

Everyone flinches Del: Ergh. At least we're not the only ones that reek of trout. Slater: Those terms see acceptable. Do excuse me, I've got a police car to catch and be driven to a side road by 'oskins. Have a nice life, Del Boy. Del: Oh, I will, Slater. I will. Police Car Slater: Drive me home, Hoskins.

This isn't a good day for policing. Do you know what I think. Slater: You're not paid to think, you're paid to drive me to a cordoned-off side road. Speaking of which, this ain't the way to my gaff. The car stops at a police cordon 'oskins: They've known about you for a long time, sir. They've never caught you in possession There is a relaxed attitude to noise, the lights in the auditorium remain on low throughout the show, sudden loud noises are softened and audience members are free to leave and re-enter the auditorium at any point.

Additional staff are on hand to assist with seating and access around the theatre, and there is a chill-out room with bean bags and craft activities for audience members who need quiet time before or during the performance. Twist And Shout showcases the sights and sounds of the swinging sixties, while Noel And Gertie is a love story devised by Sheridan Morley from the letters and diaries of two of the best-loved performers of the 20th Century — Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence.

Coward was an actor, playwright and songwriter, and Gertie was a charismatic actress. With minute attention to detail, it takes a perfectly-orchestrated trip down memory lane and features scenes from Private Lives, Tonight At 8. The show features a West End cast. Coffee is provided and car parking is free. Go to www. He said the leaders could not afford to visit larger towns, so the training needed to go to them. Over the following years he trained on a suitable course, and is passing on his skills to church leaders who, in turn, take the teaching to the remotest villages.

Now retired, David is encouraging others to spend time working in the voluntary sector. This page is sponsored by Mansfield For information or to book first session, contact Sarah Spurry, Watch Leader, on or email:sarah. Email on ladybrookcommunitycentre btconnect. Introduction to spinning, Ravenshead Leisure Centre, 11amnoon, call In exchange for buying a drink and cake, park your car for two hours and shop or just sit and chat.

Drinks and cakes 50p. Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society, Sutton, open nights. Toys, music, crafts. Spinning, Ravenshead Leisure Centre, 6. Valuation Day, Mansfield Museum, 1pm-3pm, free, auctioneer from Bamfords, Derby, will value possessions. Tuition available. Call Every Tuesday. For years. Wear suitable clothing. Booking essential, call Richard: Call Anne , weekly.

Popular sequence dances. Every Thursday. Dance includes street, break-dancing, freestyle and more. Call or or visit Facebook page. Shelter building, Sherwood Forest Country Park, 11am Every Friday term-time. Monday 10th ArtBeat!

Self-help support group for information, support and friendship, days out and activities, The Towers, Botany Avenue, Mansfield, 1. All welcome. Wednesday 19th Reminiscence Tea Room, free monthly social event at Mansfield Museum for people with memory loss, their friends and families, 2. Clumber Park — www. Black Market, Warsop — www. The Diamond, Sutton — www.

Hardwick Hall — www. Il Rosso, Nottingham Road, Mansfield — www. John Fretwell Sporting Complex, Sookholme — www. Mansfield Library — www. Mansfield Palace Theatre, Leeming Street — www. Mansfield Museum, Leeming Street — www.

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