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Bizzaro superman and crypto

bizzaro superman and crypto

Bizarro has, for many years and in almost all his incarnations, been a flawed copy of Superman created by Lex Luthor. As Bizarro's creator. In Bizarro's world, humans looked just as human as people on Clark & Lois' Earth. So, why did Bizarro not look human? Bizarro Krypto is an imperfect duplicate of Krypto and a resident of the cube shaped world of Htrae. Bizarro Physiology: Bizarro Krypto's skin is a. BETTING PREMIER LEAGUE 2022

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Radio reports conclude that a record number of countries have decided to censure Superman, with only Colombia abstaining, much to the approval of Ross Webster. Webster, who has his eyes on controlling the world's oil supply, orders all tankers to group at a point in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

After one tanker refuses to comply, Superman is coerced by Webster's sexpot girlfriend, Lorelei Ambrosia, into rupturing the tanker's hull, spilling oil into the ocean. Superman then hurries to Lorelei's penthouse, where they presumably spend the night together.

Later on in Metropolis, a crowd is gathered outside a bar. Superman, feeling sullen and guilty, is witnessed downing shots of scotch while using his great strength to flick peanuts at the bottles behind the bar, shattering them. The bartender objects to this, but doesn't intervene.

Superman, seeing his dirty, unshaven reflection, uses his heat vision to warp the mirror behind the bar. Lana Lang and her son Ricky show up in a cab as Superman exits the tavern. Realizing Superman has changed, Lana holds Ricky back, but Ricky begs Superman to recognize him the uncorrupted Superman recently rescued Ricky from a wheat thresher during a picnic with Lana in Kansas.

Superman flies away, but Ricky's words ring in his ears. Superman then shudders in mid-flight and lands in a junkyard. A surge of energy pulses through Superman's head and he lets out a primal scream, splitting into two different personas. Although this evil Superman was based on Bizarro shared some similarities to his original comic book appearance, he was not exactly called the name Bizarro in the film nor possessed any linguistic problems.

However, he appeared closer in personality design to the comic book Villain Ultraman. Despite being an equal match, Clark Kent managed to kill this incarnation of Bizarro at the climax to their junkyard brawl. In terms of the film's continuity, this was the predecessor of the Nuclear Man that appeared in the final theatrical cut.

This first Nuclear Man had a somewhat inhuman appearance and spoke in a stilted manner similar to the speech pattern usually associated with Bizarro. This Bizarro-like Nuclear Man did appear in the novelization and comic book adaptations of the film. Warner Brothers has confirmed that this and other "lost" footage from Superman IV has been found and are included as "deleted scenes" in the DVD reissue of the film. Luthor began harvesting an army of Superman clones to eventually take over the world.

Before the full crop could be developed, however, the first Superman clone began to rebel against Luthor and his programmed behavior pattern, eventually killing villains instead of merely putting them in jail. Although the clones were created with a lead shielded Kryptonite bomb inside the two hemispheres of their brains, the Superman clone was able to remove this bomb before Luthor could detonate it.

Superman's clone is constantly being compared to Bizarro. In the scene in the hair salon, he stands in front of a large mirror, making the "S" emblem appear backward. A news reporter considers the clones behavior to be "bizzare". Near the end of the movie, a bolt of lightning washes out the color of the clone's skin, making him resemble Bizarro. Animation Challenge of the SuperFriends Bizarro's first non-comics appearance was in the animated series Challenge of the SuperFriends.

In this series, Bizarro was depicted almost as an outright villain, and part of the Legion of Doom. As seen in his first episode "Identity Crisis", Bizarro is a creation of Luthor's, although he was never intended to be what he became. Rather, Luthor wanted to make an exact Superman clone, one whose only difference was that he followed Lex's orders which explains why his powers are exactly as those of Superman, instead of having opposite powers such as ice vision and heat breath.

He took samples of Superman's DNA gathered from blood left from his Kryptonite-induced weakness during "A Little Piece of Home" and grew Superman clones, the first of which to be released looked and acted exactly like Superman, down to the do-gooding, yet he does not seem to be aware of his alter ego Clark Kent when he rescues the real Kent from falling off a cliff.

The duplication breaks down, though, and Bizarro's form and costume changes as angular as Pre-Crisis, but coloured like Post-Crisis. This version has washed-out colors on his costume with a deformed but still forward S-shield, pale skin, and his posture suggests that his limbs are twisted.

After his sudden confusion, he asks "what am me? Closer to the original Superboy character, or the post-Crisis Luthor-created Bizarros than the more familiar versions, Bizarro's logic does not follow a purposefully opposite pattern; his "Bizarro logic" is resultant of his atrophied Superman mindset. Instead of doing bad because Superman does good, Bizarro is distinctly trying to do good but can't understand what he sees. For example, he sees a bridge folding up to let in a boat and thinks the bridge is breaking, causing him to push it together again and seal it with heat vision, failing to recognize what the boat was doing there.

Also, he tried to save an elderly woman from being run over by a bus by punching the bus, unaware that the bus contained passengers. Bizarro, as far as he knew, was Superman, so the appearance of the real Superman confused him, and he tried to maintain the idea within his own mind that he indeed was Superman with the real Superman being an impostor "Me am Superman!

Me am hero! This dissipated when he saw the corpses of the Superman clones, as well as Superman saving Lois Lane; since he associated saving Lois with being Superman, he realized the truth and then, apparently sacrificed himself so that Superman and Lois could escape the explosion that destroyed the lab where he was created "Me am not Superman.

You am Superman Superman always save Lois Despite a few gags at his expense, the animated series attempted to portray Bizarro as a tragic figure - cursed with Superman's powers, fragmented parts of his mind, memories, feelings such as the attraction to Lois and even Superman's desire to use his powers to help people, but lacking the intelligence to do so properly.

Now aware that he is not Superman, he wanders for months before accidentally stumbling on the Fortress of Solitude, where the Fortress' computer mistakes him for Superman and tells him that he is Kal-El, explaining his Kryptonian heritage. Prior to accessing Superman's files, Bizarro had released creatures from Superman's zoo, thinking it was an example of animal cruelty, and one quadruped with sharp teeth had become fond of him.

After learning of Krypton, Bizarro flew to Metropolis and started creating havoc in his attempt to "make Krypton" by haphazardly buttressing buildings with odds and ends to look like Kryptonian architecture. Bizarro also kidnapped a hotel doorman, as his work uniform looked akin to Jor-El's attire, and Bizarro thought he was reunited with his father.

Bizarro took "Da Da" to a theatre which he thought was his childhood home, but Lois Lane managed to get herself inside by saying she would love to see Bizarro's "home". Mxyzptlk convinces Bizarro to attack Superman because he and his friends were supposedly making fun of him. This is a lie, of course, and at the end, a de-powered Mxyzptlk is stuck on Bizarro's moon as his "friend.

Even break her boyfriend out of jail! Wonder Woman: So what happens to you after that? Bizarro: Uh The reason for this change in Bizarro's mindset is not explained in the episode, but producer Bruce Timm pointed out at Toon Zone that Bizarro is, in fact, a victim of brain surgery.

He's been altered by Luthor specifically to do as he commands coming full circle with Lex's original intention for Bizarro. The clue for this in the episodes where he appears is that Bizarro now has a big gray gash across his forehead - scarring from the operation. It is worth noting that when Lex Luthor and the Flash switch minds in one episode, Bizarro notices something is amiss, though his thought process precludes his being helpful: "Ever since you use brain machine, you am acting perfectly sane and rational He was played by Barry Meyers and appeared in 7 episodes.

He was arguably the villian to have the fullest story arc, going from tragic villian to eventual ally of Superboy. Bizarro also had his own theme music, a variation of the Superboy theme, but creepier and with inverted notes. The first two-part story featuring Bizarro, titled "Bizarro the Thing of Steel" part one and "The Battle with Bizarro" part two , was based on the first Bizarro story from the comics. In this version, Bizarro was created when Superboy jumped in front of a duplicating machine created by Professor Peterson played by George Chakiris after it was struck and activated by a lightning bolt.

When Superboy and the professor both look in shock at the subsequent creation, Superboy comments "It is bizarre", prompting the creature to state "Bizarro? Me Bizarro", thus christening himself as such. Like in the comic, Bizarro was not truly a villain, but his backward ways of thinking led him to cause trouble and fight Superboy. Also adding to Bizarro's problems was sharing Superboy's corrupted DNA, which led him to believing he was Superboy as he wore a Superboy outfit, but he often caused trouble due to his limited intelligence.

By the time he realized the severity of his mistakes, his life as a family man was already in shambles. It became clear throughout the episode that though they were versions of the same person, Bizarro and Superman are fundamentally different.

In a flashback, he told his brother that he bought a farm in Smallville. The two were instrumental in instilling young Kal-El with the values he has today. What ultimately became of his Bizarro self proves why it matters so much that it was the Kents who found him that day all those years ago.

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Bizarro shares his story with Superman

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