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Boecy watkins the black crypto investing group

boecy watkins the black crypto investing group

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Founder of The Black Business School will be hosting a 3-part series examining Have you joined the Black Crypto Investing group yet? We have a large variety of experts from our community who will speak on Crypto, Stock options, Making money from rental property, tax strategies. Boyce Watkins's speaking fee falls within range: They must be getting a lot of pressure from "an unknown, powerless group of people". 13D ACTIVIST INVESTING CASE

As Black capitalism is a propagated subset of capitalism, cryptoganda is a subset of just this kind of broader mythologizing of capitalist solutions to the contradictions caused by capitalism. The white paper attributed to the ambiguous, anonymous fictional? And while my own focus is on the messaging as it corresponds to material reality, there has been strong evidence presented that present competent challenges to both the white paper and its related mythologies.

Specifically, peer-to-peer, pseudonymous, irreversible exchanges taking place on privately-owned and concentrated platforms, with permanent public records kept on blockchains does not solve problems of material inequality or redistribution. Consumers, workers, the poor are not empowered by systems that protect sellers, offer no consumer protection, insurance for assets kept on exchanges, which are themselves highly concentrated among private ownership.

The existing banking system may not benefit these communities but does offer relative protections through federal insurance, consumer protection, and some level of accountability. And whatever are the varied, and very real, horrors imposed on the world by the existing banking system and its fiat currency, none of them are solved by the world of crypto. Here can be found the myths of origin relating to the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, development of the protective narratives of brave new blockchain world free from centralization, government, banks, surveillance, and fiat.

Black people have had their relationship to the economy change to the point that new methods for extracting wealth out of Black communities has required an update. What crypto has been for the investment community, cryptoganda has been to Black capitalism; a deceptive rebranding for new forms of exploitation. Particularly, what has been getting the redesign, as I have discussed to some extent elsewhere Ball , was the post-Second World War Cold War need for the U.

As the world was inundated with every variety of propaganda championing U. In the U. Specifically, the developed narrative was to become that political power should forever be sublimated to a pursuit of wealth. Lost in the promise of Black capitalism remain two consistently revealing elements: a the very White sponsors, investors, platforms or technology that drive so much of what is promoted by Black spokespeople as some variation of Black autonomy, and b the more damaging and political aspects of the propaganda in the narrative diversion away from understanding the elaborately constructed and maintained conspiracy of Black colonization.

That narrative diversion provided for Black audiences has long been the goal as expressed so cleanly once upon a time by Richard Nixon. Economic power then becomes the ability to purchase products imposed as options by the manufacturing and advertising classes. It must be noted that this Nixonian endeavor to redefine Black Power as Black capitalism has long been exposed as mythological. From across the Black political spectrum, from ivy-league Black economists working for the White House Baradaran, , to more liberal authors such as Earl Ofari Hutchinson and E.

For one example, in their Study Guide the BLA wrote: … black capitalism by any black person; group or organization will always remain just that — a myth! The ruling class has so much more capital than any black group that they can afford to let any black capitalist group build up a certain amount of capital, industry, land and businesses until the black have invested all their money, then break them overnight as easily as one breaks a match stick.

Understanding at all the particular features of propaganda targeting African America — and their meaning — does require an appreciation of just how important Black capitalism is to the project of White settler colonialism, empire, or capitalism. Generally, there is a well-documented history of the use of media, culture, and symbolic redefinition of social movements in the U. Or as Christopher Mott describes , the U. No one need to engage in political struggle as all are meant to see their aspirations as achievable in capitalism.

The messaging is as clear as it is unstated; the problems caused by an existing socio-economic model can only be solved via the maintenance and expansion of that model. The examples below of the spokespeople for Black capitalism, and even the recent cryptocurrency commercials and their rampant, even popular criticism, demonstrate the point.

Celebrity including what has formerly been considered punditry, journalism, and even academia is largely capable of either attracting consumers and followers or offering an outlet for satire, and even the ire of targeted audiences. However, celebrity often allows either response without any particular criticism of, for instance, capitalism, myths of wealth equating hard work or genius, or, most specifically, the particular impact of those messages on Black people.

Confining, indeed assuring, this acceptable impact of celebrity is made easier by the established media environment which affords rampant distribution of, in this case, Black capitalist solutions to very political problems. Via his prominence as an actor, friend and former classmate of Barack Obama, and then owner and face of the BWSW, Harper garners the routine attention of hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, each uses variations of an appeal to Black collective history and struggle as part of their presentation and performance as though their work is an extension or completion of freedom struggles of the past.

In fact, just as I am arguing cryptoganda rebrands old arguments in favor of Black capitalism, the corrective post-crash narrative reflects many of the same features previously deployed to protect capitalism and its Black derivation. While previously promoting cryptocurrency as that which will replace the U.

When one bubble bursts promote another, even one formerly encouraged and recently crashed. In other words, these samples exemplify the malleability of messaging required to maintain apparent legitimacy as pundits with an ability to attract paying customers.

That is the logic; not an attempt to clarify the economy or the political economy of society, nor is the point to clarify for Black audiences the specifics of their condition. For example, beyond the more easily criticizable — and yet dangerously effective — use of paid influencers and celebrity to push capitalist mythologies, are the array of differently positioned Black capitalist spokespeople whose presence is framed as expert analyses.

Targeted Black populations need not understand NFTs Non-Fungible Tokens or the blockchain technology upon which they reside in order to be convinced that the creation of new investment opportunities for capital and lottery-style winnings for the handful of artists these investors choose to support is all somehow new and revolutionary. In fact, quite the opposite. The more one is convinced of the complicated nature of this brave new world the more likely they are to be bamboozled.

And yet, one could rarely catch up, get clear of the imposed debt, and attain any legitimate freedom. Recall also that Web 2 promised a general leveling of the economic and political playing fields, and for Black artists the ability to circumvent the same music industry oligarchy which now runs the Web 3 music world with even more tightly gripped extractive hands. Web 3 contains more of the same promises only which now include crypto as salvation. Cryptoganda is merely part of a contemporary rebranding of imperialism meant, in this case, to target an internally held colonized population.

The form taken by this redirection of neo-imperialism inward, neocolonialism, has been led by political and algorithmically reconcilable figures designed to pervade nearly every corner of the Black public sphere. Hill Harper, Earn Your Leisure, A Million Dollars Worth of Game, Roland Martin, Karen Hunter , Boyce Watkins, Jay Morrison, and others all represent a Black capitalist promoting media ecosphere which present capitalism as Black power and pride and as a solution to Black political problems and all are supported by, dependent upon, a White corporate, advertising, and investment community that ultimately are themselves supported by the broader interests of the state itself.

Indirectly, however, is the support these outlets receive from White ad revenue, advertiser-driven algorithms pushing their online content to the top, and a state who has itself long adopted practices of corrupting radical movements with symbolic overtures and redefinition Ball, One is less likely a fool than one is to be fooled. And any successful attempt at fooling often requires preying upon previously developed, imposed, and extant material conditions, self-concepts, and worldviews.

While presented more as a traditional business solution to White audiences, just another asset to consider, another territory to conquer, Black audiences are routinely told that cryptocurrency is the opportunity previously denied that will allow for a collective advance, a stand-in for political struggle or somehow itself an assumption of political power. James, on the other hand, is in his childhood bedroom talking to his younger self.

They discuss how he grew up in the streets of Detroit, developed a passion for business and tech, and closed an Everette shares what he learned from selling his first tech business at age They discuss how she built a multi-million dollar media platform and her recent moves into films. They also discuss the academic and business success of Nigerians They discuss his career path and working with Lebron James, the changes in the media industry, and whether Spotify targeted Black artists with policy changes.

They also revisit Jamarlin talks to Andrew Gillum, mayor of Tallahassee and leading Democratic candidate for Florida governor. They discuss the DNC taking the Black vote for granted, its silence on the killing of Mays Jamarlin talks to Google engineer Anthony D. Mays about Black cultural optimization, getting bullied in Compton for being a computer geek, and how he landed a job at Google.

They discuss discrimination Boyce Watkins, Pt. They discuss potential presidential candidates, Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris, and Boyce Watkins about building The Black Business School, and how he deals with his negro critics and their victimology teachings.

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