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Msi rx 580 gaming x ethereum mining

msi rx 580 gaming x ethereum mining

These are the average RX hashrates I have been getting while mining Ethereum. The best RX graphics card for Ethereum mining & hashrate in MSI - RX - 8GB - GAMING X - SAMSUNG - TO Straps - ROM - ZIP. I have been running this for a little over two weeks now. There is 6 MSI RX Gaming X cards, 1 EVGA watt G2 and 1 EVGA watt G3 power supply. CURRENSEE CRYPTOCURRENCIES

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Msi rx 580 gaming x ethereum mining can i sell bitcoin for cash msi rx 580 gaming x ethereum mining


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Msi rx 580 gaming x ethereum mining siacoin exchange ethereum


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Each bios rom is unique to the card because of the unique identifier of the card. Security Tips You will need to set up an Ethereum Wallet that the mining pool will pay into. I recommend you set up a new email address that nobody knows about. The reason being is that if someone accessed your email address, they could get access to your wallet with the right information.

In the next section, you will set up that wallet. It is very important that you follow the instructions on how to secure your wallet info. Your public wallet ID is not that important to protect as it is public information once you join a pool. It brings attention to your wallet.

I recommend printing a paper wallet to keep somewhere safe. The paper wallet will have your private key on it which is what gets you access to manage that wallet. You can also invest in a hardware wallet. I recommend the Ledger Nano S. A hardware wallet can hold value offline. It has a public wallet ID that you can use to be paid to by the pool you mine for. It is safe because nobody can access it without having the physical wallet and the code to get into it. Create an Ethereum Wallet If you are not going to use a hardware wallet, for now, go to MyEtherWallet and set up a wallet.

The website does a good job of walking you through the process to help you keep your info safe. As the website states, you do not want to ever click a link that takes you to their website. Simply type in myetherwallet. Join a Mining Pool Once your rig is complete, you need to join a mining pool to mine Ethereum.

I joined Nanopool. They have pools for a variety of different cryptocurrencies but so far I have only mined Ethereum. Go to the Nanopool website and click Quick Start for Ethereum. That will walk you through what you need to do to get started. The Nanopool website will generate two files that you will replace in your Claymore Miner folder. Nanopool asks for an email address so take my advice from above and use an email address nobody knows about.

Once you have replaced the files downloaded from Nanopool into Claymore Miner you are ready to mine. Continue to Optimize You will need to monitor the energy consumption of your rig. This is why I listed the Power Consumption Meter as part of the build. If you live somewhere where electricity is expensive, your profit margin will be thin.

I live in California, so electricity is not very cheap. Right now there is a profit margin for me. I can pay down the cost of the parts over the next 12 months using profit from the rig itself. Most likely I will just leave my ETH in my wallet and pay for it with other income. It is best to leave as much of your ETH in your wallet as possible so it can continue to grow in value. My rig is located in my office. It sounds like a small box fan, but it actually keeps my office warm.

I have not had to run the heater yet even though it has been 32 degrees Fahrenheit each night outside. Conclusion This was a fun project. I had my moments of frustration getting it optimized, but it is running smoothly now. I have a couple of additional videos on the topic of mining that I will post soon to StateofTech, so make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to get updates.

If my video and this article helped, please consider sharing it with someone. Using the links above to purchase your parts helps support our efforts, so I appreciate your clicks. Visual representation of the products may not be perfectly accurate. Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. Although we endeavor to present the most precise and comprehensive information at the time of publication, a small number of items may contain typography or photography errors. Some products and configuration may not be available in all markets or launch time differs. Supplies are limited.

Msi rx 580 gaming x ethereum mining rennes vs marseille betting

#1 Building an Ethereum Mining Rig V1 (MSI Radeon RX580)

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